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  1. has eaten too much pizza!

  2. Has been upgraded to an enormous family room. Anyone in London fancy a girly night in?

  3. Bethy is very excited about our new recycling wheelie bins!

  4. You've never finished a book? That makes me quite sad - books are my escape from the world (null)
  5. I went last year - it was quite interesting. Had major issues with the underground though. There was a lot for parents, but I am a parent as well as an adult... (null)
  6. I don't think Lancs Lad's question *was* inappropriate, and the cyclist was probably pleased that you were interested enough to ask. I've commented on the spoke covers on wheelchairs before when they've looked good - just like you might say to someone I like your tshirt. As I've grown older I've started to recognise which things are inappropriate, and it's more when to keep firing the questions and when to back off. DD is terrible for going up to complete strangers and interrogating them as to the minutae of their lives though! (null)
  7. Special talent - not all social services still have a register. I asked and my county doesn't any more. There doesn't seem to be any way to register other than claiming DLA. (null)
  8. I don't view my autism as a negative thing (now I've got my head straight). All the negatives have come from not being diagnosed and the misunderstandings that have arisen due to that - both my own misconceptions and others', leading to secondary mental health issues. It is imperative that children are diagnosed as quickly as possible so that they can grow up understanding and valuing who they are, and not being mislabelled as 'naughty' or 'lazy'. Yet this isn't happening. And I have the double whammy of a genetic physical disability which has only just been diagnosed, and I have been made to feel like a hypochondriac all my life. But I am still not being taken seriously about my daughter who is showing very strong signs of both AS and EDS... (null)
  9. I'm hyperlexic butterfly - I could read before I was 3 and was reading adult fiction and textbooks by 8.
  10. Almost 5 years ago, back in April 2007, a group of complete strangers found out we were pregnant. We joined an online forum of ladies all expecting their babies in the December of that year. We compared notes, relayed birth stories, worked out just how we were going to deal with being new mums or how to cope with more than one or two or even three. Almost 5 years on and we are a smaller group but we've been through all we can together: obvious child worries; returning to work; starting busine...

  11. Everyone on the autistic spectrum has such a unique set of skills and deficits that their needs and capabilities need to be assessed on an individual basis anyway. Not only that, our our needs change depending on the stressors in our life - obviously there are some people who will never be high functioning, but some of us with be very capable at some points and very dependent at others.
  12. Personally - I think we will be better off when the Aspergers diagnosis goes. At the moment there a massive confusion about what is autism and what isn't, what's autism and what's Asperger's etc etc. I went to a really interesting talk/discusssion on Monday that a lecturer on autism (Dr Luke Beardon) gave to the Lancashire Autism Partnership Board, and he said that there was only one thing you could definitively say a person with autism could not do - and that was not be autistic. If he had a dx of Aspergers then he would be autistic anyway...
  13. has had some very sad news this morning. Rest In Peace Caroline Greenwood, you have been an inspiration to us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with Grant and Luke.

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