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  1. Deepest sympathies <'>
  2. Hi Baddad, Do you know my Daughter? Yes she did manipulate her Dad, Shop on the way for a giant cola bottle!!!! Although he did manage to make her walk a way she usually refuses to go without any events. Think we need to be reading from the same script at all times,amongst other changes to stop this behaviour from stressing the whole family out. Thanx Emma
  3. hick76

    bus fares?

    Hi Tally, It's Road signs that have to be read when we go anywere, oh and motorway signs when your trying to navigate the M6. Hope im not going to have to spend time stood at the end of the road spotting bus signs!!!!
  4. Thanks Baddad' It was Friday night pressure was off, This morning she didn't have the transition of School. The only thing is she has gone for a walk with her dad. This created issues such as were they were going she wasn't going a certain way and her wellies hurt etc etc... Although this didn't produce the usual meltdown. Again thankyou for your advice. Onwards and upwards. Emma xx
  5. hick76

    Prom King!

    Fantastic Iv'e got a tear in my eye reading this. You must be so proud. These memories are precious.
  6. hick76

    bus fares?

    Hi, Just thought i would share this it really cheered me up during a very difficult morning. When giving my eldest Daughter BUS FARE for school. Isabella was amazed to know that Rachael got money each day to go to a BUS FAIR. She thought Rachael had a wonderful time each day and why couldn't she go! I love my daughter dearly and this was a sparkling gem in a usually difficult situation. Emmaxx
  7. Hi, Just a quick one, As I am just starting the diagnosis process and doing as much reserch as i can I was hoping somebody could help. After a rough week my daughter has been fine lastnight and this morning (no meltdowns.) The traits are still there just without the aggression. Dont get me wrong this is great, feel like my Daughter is back just a bit nervous over when its going to change again. Emma.
  8. Hi, Im totally with you, this is a mirror of my seven year old Daughters Behaviour (you are not alone.) To be told it may be bad parenting is upsetting when you try your hardest and love your child dearly. Please seek proffessional advice to help with strategies for both you and your child. In the mean time take care of yourself, you need to be 100 percent to cope. Emma xx
  9. hick76


    Hi, Thankyou for taking the time to reply. We always quietly and calmy tell isabella the consiquences of her actions as they are happening. As I said in my previous post her symptoms have worsened quite rapidly and the whole family is struggling. All consiquences are always followed through there is no middle ground or barganing. I will look into star charts (i used these when she was younger for potty training etc)Again thankyou any ideas are greatly appreciated. Emma xx
  10. Hi, My Daughter is 6 and whe have just embarked on the asd diagnosis journey. When Isabella had her second MMR jab she went into anaphlactic shock and an ambulance had to be called to the health centre. Her asd symptoms have increased over time and we are now at the point were her behaviour is tking over the family. Has anyone else heard of this being a factor. Many thanks Emma xx
  11. hick76

    Ginger nuts

    Hi, My Daughter is a "GINGER NUT" With blue eyes and freckles who is currently waiting to go through the asd diagnosis process. Maybe i got it all wrong her frequent outbursts and dangerous behaviour are due to her celtic roots!!!!!
  12. hick76


    Hi, My names Emma. I have 3 Children one of who is just started the long process of getting a diagnosis for Autism. She is usually a loving Child but her temper tantrums and dangerous behaviour have started to overtake the whole family. She is six there has always been telltale signs such as eyecontact but we have just put it down to Isabellas way. The anger is getting worse and we are at crisis point any tips would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks emma xx
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