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    animé and manga (Japanese animation), animé and video game music, modern Japanese music, NEO magazine, photography, abstract designing with my photographs, learning computing (in as many forms as possible), video games (in particular, Final Fantasy series, Dynasty Warriors series, Samurai Warriors series, and generally RPG, strategy games and point and click games like Hotel Dusk and the Ace Attorney series. Also MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Games). Basically games that I can escape into my own world with), learning Japanese, Chinese, and German, reading books, Romance of the Three Kingdoms Era of Chinese history, the Sengoku period of Japanese history, Chinese zodiac, ancestry, and trying my best to live a healthy lifestyle.

    I'm more active on DeviantArt lately as I'm trying to promote my artwork.

    My Gallery: http://rjbphotoanddesign.deviantart.com/

    My two blogs :-
    My life on the spectrum: http://as-bushido.tumblr.com/
    My interests: http://theworldiescapeto.tumblr.com/

About Me

I have aspergers syndrome (AS), sensory processing disorder (SPD) and obsessional compulsive disorder (OCD). Life can be very stressful trying to cope with these conditions, every day is a struggle.


I'm searching for true, genuine and honest people in a world full of corruption and misinformation.

In 2002, I was diagnosed with severe OCD by a clinical psychologist. There was then a talk of whether I had learning difficulties, possibly autism. I then had three assessments with a speech and language therapist, those reports then went forward to a consultant psychiatrist. In May 2004, I experienced a breakdown at school, after my P.E teacher, who was also the head of year, interrogated me in the gym in amongst the other students. In the summer holidays of 2004, my mum got IPSEA involved because she wanted to have a statement of special educational needs. As a result, IPSEA paid for a full independent assessment from an educational psychologist and also a full assessment from an independent occupational therapist. All of those reports went to the consultant psychiatrist as well. In August 2004, I had an assessment with the consultant psychiatrist and four other psychologists altogether in the same room. As a result of that, I was diagnosed with ASD, quite possibly aspergers syndrome at the age of 14. However, due to the breakdown, and the terrible bullying experiences at school, I could no longer go back to school. So, I 'shut my bedroom door' physically and mentally to everyone, apart from my family, to the outside world. I was then home taught by tutors from behind my bedroom door for the next 5 and a half years. No psychiatrist ever came to the house to talk to me or see me, and I couldn't go to their clinics. CAMHS and now CMHT, haven't come anywhere near me to help me, and I very rarely see a GP and they keep changing at my practice anyway. As I reached 19, my statement of special educational needs has ended and my tutors have left me, without education. I am hoping to continue but the 139a assessment document is causing a lot of problems.

With the help of my speech and language therapist (SALT), being the invigilator,I managed to pass some GCSE exams from my living room with my mum present in the room. If I wasn't able to do that, I think I would have had a great trouble even getting those exams. I also managed to pass a merit grade in web design and a distinction in photography, just before the tutors left. In school, I could barely cope with the work, when I was home tutored from behind my bedroom door, I could really tell the difference. I was learning much better, I could focus far more easily, now they are gone, having to learn by myself is like travelling back to school, and the difficulties I had there. There may not be other children distracting me, but the tutors were able to guide me down the right path.

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