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  1. Hiya, lewis will be starting school next summer but they are having a meeting in november too see what school he should go to, some other parents told me to do my own research into the different schools to see what i think could offer him more, but what do you say when you fone them, and what kind of questions should i be asking if i get a meeting at any schools????? do you think that writing mabey a profile of lewis and his needs and giving it to the schools would be helpful?????
  2. hiya, where are you getting this test done, i was looking for a test for heavy metal, just to rule out the possability but cant find one, i found a site, it was american, and it said that depending on the way a vaccine was given that there ma be a higher dose of mercury than there should be, dont quote what i say, you have to look the site, if you google autism / mercury it should come up, but could you let me know please thanx luv kirsty
  3. hi everyone, just wondering who would be interested in a nite out, we were thinking of going to edinbrough for dinner and mabey going to mary kings close then for drinks, ladies only and no kids this ones for us, if anyones interested or has any other ideas let me know, we were thinking of the 27th of june for a date luv kirsty
  4. hiya paula, just an idea, but i heard some of the woman at a group i go to talking about respite, i dont know too much about it but i think they can go away over nite to a place that has specially trained people to look after them. i know theres a couple in my area but you could mabey ask your health visitor or someone like that or even google it. hope you find something, we all need some time to our selfs. luv kirsty
  5. hiya, i was just wondering if anyone has tried or uses makaton signing to help with communication, lewis was copying Justin from something special today and sayin it as he was doing the signs. do you's know if there are any books or courses on this????????
  6. hi everyone and thax for all the replys, i'd think everyones familiar with the 'fimbles', well lewis sung the big wide world song last night so clear it made me cry, he took the chickenpox yesterday but seems quite well, and i eventually got the more than words book so hopefully everything should come together with that and the pecs, i know he can talk now it just getting him do do it to communicate. My little one ryans one and due his MMR and im not sure what to do, its hard finding the single ones and there not licenced in this country but im scared the MMr may have aggrivated lewys autism, does any one have any advice please. thanx, luv kirsty x
  7. hi brook, im kirsty and new to here, my wee boy is only 3 but he dosent communicate well he used to have bad tantrums when anyone spoke to him but he kinda came out it himself, he cant really read facial expreessions and i think thats why they dont know how to take what you say as they are more visual than most.
  8. hi there, im new to this, so just a short message to say hi and a bit about us, i have 2 lovely boys, ryan is 1 and lewis is 3, lewis was diagnosed with asd in december so i am new to this and am looking for any suppot and as much information as i can get, Lewis has very little speech and can only understand some things you say to him, he has all the pecs equip, but doesnt seem that interested any help or advice would be very much appreciated luv kirst
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