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  1. Thank you so much for all the advice.....x
  2. we didnt take our daughter for a long time...the first one was when snow white was on...she was disney mad she was pretty good...we have also took her to the theatre but when i phoned up for tickets i always got tickets where there would be nobody in front of us....once i took her and there was a lady infront of her she couldnt keep her hands off this womans jumper is was a soft mohair she kept touching her jumper i apologized to the lady but she was very understanding after a quick explanation...but i didnt make that mistake again....she is 12 now and she loves the cinema and the theatre but we always wait till the crush to get out has died down before we leave...we are always the last out....but thats how she likes it less stressful....
  3. Its back to school for my 12 year old daughter today...i must say i cant help but worry about her when she is at school especially now she is in high school...and i do feel for her when she come home and she looks like she has had the life sucked out of her....and all she wants to do is get her comfy pj's on and get herself comfy on the sofa in the conservatory....when it comes to school she does try it on...im not well....do i have to go....i dont want to go....this has been going on since she was able to speak age 5 but i have always managed to talk her round.....but i do know all that could change one day....i do think about if one day she turns round and says she isnt going and no matter what you say she isnt going to go....what do you do ?
  4. i feel i have had tons of good times with my daughter....but the one that made me cry was her leavers assembly at primary school alot of the children got awards for different things...the biggest award was the one that all the teachers in the school voted for and it was for the child who had achieved so much from nursery to year 6 when the head teacher said every teacher in the whole school put the same name forward....and they called out my daughters name i thought my heart was going to burst in my chest ....we had no idea she had won this award to say we were proud is an understatement....i didnt care who saw my tears that day at school..... and after my daughter said to me "are they happy tears mum"...."yes darling they are proud happy tears"......................
  5. my 12 year old daughter has never gone to a sleep over..but she has had a sleepover at our house she invited my friends 9 year old daughter for a sleep over when it was her birthday...my friends 9 year old is a lovely girl and the sleep over was a great success and they have done it a few times now...
  6. thank you for my warm welcome...your comments are lovely...its not to mad at mine jeanneA my 3 older ones dont live at home 2 are married and 1 has just got his own pad so its just our 12 year old and our 1 year old at home. i must say my 12 year old does love having her own space...my older children say we had the conservatory build just for our daughter because that has become her space where she retreats too she loves that room...x
  7. i knew something was different about my daughter when she was 14 months old...she was my 4th child ...she would speak in the house but not if we went out..she would sit for hours watching disney films...she had a bag of bricks she would sit for hours she would line them all up all the red blocks would be together in a line and all the blue would be together in a line and so on...she had problems with her sensitivity to sound smell touch taste...she hated clothes she would always strip down to just her underwear as soon as we got home...she never slept there is loads more but im sure you know what im talking about this was all at 14 months old as she got older things got worse....she was dx when she was 3 she is 12 now.
  8. hi julia.... thanks for the message i can relate to what your saying about your daughter not wanting to go anywhere we are finding this more and more with our daughter not wanting to go anywhere...just wants to stay home....at the minute she has submerged herself in everything to do with the titanic it started with school homework..that spilled over to at home so she is watching and reading all about it....filling me in on every fact to do with the ship and what happened to it...this has been going on for 2 weeks..im not sure how long this will last before she moves on to something else.....and thank you about the adoption our little angel . kind regards jen
  9. hi im a mum of 4 soon to be 5...as we are adopting a gorgeous little girl.... i have a son who got a dx of PDD at 14 after a 7 year battle...he is 22 now and a daughter who got a dx of ASD at 3 she is 12 now... just thought i would like to join and get as much advice and info into raising a daughter with a dx of asd... i know i have already raised one daughter and 2 sons to adulthood one son with a dx but my daughter is a whole knew ball game we have done really well up to this point but as she gets older i am facing new challenges.... :pray: ....x
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