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  1. https://www.facebook.com/AspergerSyndromeAwareness This is if you want to do things such as get helping from the online community (like you do here)
  2. i don't get ESA i get DLA and IC benefits
  3. After a disabled person has finished volunteering, do they lose their benefits???
  4. grazza86

    Diablo lll

    Does anyone on here play the latest game from Blizzard (Diablo lll) Currently playing the game with the barbarian I'll give out my battletag if you all want someone on your friends list
  5. Thought I would post up a topic about our Online IDs as i think it would be nice to play some games with & against each other. So to start off: Here is mine: Xbox Live & PSN ID = grazza86 (i currently play PS3 more) i play different types of games ranging from sports to action Twitter username is the same so give me a follow if you want.
  6. grazza86


    Sports, Action, Platformers, puzzle games, rts (real time strategy), MMOs. Computer games are good to play
  7. I think daniel bryan is a good wrestler. CM punk is a good wrestler too. If Austin came back and did what he use to do (stick the middle fingers up at people) he would get blasted for doing it.
  8. grazza86


    You not like Starcraft l & ll??
  9. grazza86


    What games do you lot play? What platform?
  10. took out TV-14 and made it all PG. i believe that turned people off completely. WWE have wasted wrestlers such as The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth (remember one was wwe champion and two came close to holding a major championship) and they made JoMo a laughing stock before he left.
  11. grazza86

    Hello :)

    use the NAS website for a description on what AS is all about
  12. This sounds very interesting. Hope it all goes well for you
  13. grazza86


    Twitter is good for keeping up with what your favourite celebs are doing (that is if they have an account). Social Networking can take over people's lives only if they let it happens
  14. grazza86


    what is everyone's view on Twitter (social networking) and who on here has a twitter account?
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