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    Self-diagnosed AS, being referred for possible diagnosis.

    Special interests include Dr Who, reading (mainly factual), and my PhD.
  1. Hi all Had my initial assessment today, at home. From this, there is sufficient evidence to take me forward to the next stage, so they have my mum's contact details and will be in touch with her regarding DISCO assessment. I've warned her that she will be re-living my delightful childhood! The lady apologised for how long it had taken, because the referral had been sent to the ADHD psychologist instead of the Asperger Team. I did say that I thought it had come through quicker than I'd anticipated! They will be having a team meeting tomorrow and I believe that contact will be made with my mum after that. From information I've found online, it looks like they turn that around within about 4 weeks. So - positive start
  2. Now starting to get anxious about what to expect at this initial assessment
  3. I have to let two steps go past on a going down escalator before I get on. I didn't realise it was specifically two until a friend of mine pointed it out a few years ago. I'm fine going UP escalators, but have to hesitate/let the required number of steps go past until I can get on. And I had a panic attack trying to get out of Northampton General Hospital years ago - like a maze and I couldn't find my way out!!
  4. Hi All, not been on the forum for a while! A letter arrived today, from the Liverpool Asperger Team, saying I've been referred and that they would like to visit me at home to carry out an initial assessment on behalf of the team - 13th June. This is actually an awful lot quicker than I thought it would be!!
  5. GP was lovely and has agreed to refer me. Apparently only 1 person who does adult diagnosis/referrals, so possibly a long wait, but its still a step in the right direction. We talked about all kinds, childhood, work-related problems, how I feel I would benefit from a diagnosis. I feel that it is in work where I would benefit the most, because it is here that I struggle the most. I took the print outs of the quizzy stuff that I'd done (not the Tania Marshall blog though), and she's kept those to include with my referral. I feel better having just taken that step
  6. Hi All I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, where I am going to ask for a referral for AS diagnosis. I have done some of the "quizzes" online (the usual ones), and printed them out to take with me, and also a blog post by Tania Marshall (someone on here linked to her blog post on girls/teens - she's done an adult female one too). I don't know if I am diagnosable, if I have enough "difficulties" or whether I've just been managing all these years, but feel it is time to seek out something! I'm within the Liverpool area, and I know there is an adult aspergers team that take NHS referrals. No idea what to expect though - and may need some hand holding
  7. AmyPond

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    Hello Skaro. Another big Dr Who fan here looking forward to it starting again tomorrow!
  8. These traits fit me - almost every single one :-/
  9. So we need to "woman up", stop masking our true struggles, and force the world to realise that we exist ;-)
  10. I do think us girls/women are very good at disguising our traits, so we get missed. I have a feeling (having looked on my GP's website) that the Dr who was good with me when I had a biggish meltdown in early October last year (I'd kind of come off the ADs, thought I was ok, then had a crisis), has left the practice :-( I don't recognise the names of the doctors working there either, *wibble*
  11. I'm afraid to say that the words "sympathetic" and "Daily Mail" do not go hand in hand - particularly when it comes to Aspergers/autism!
  12. Sorry Lynda - DP=Dear Partner. ;-) I don't think I'd get anything specific to my own struggles - as I say, I generally cope (outwardly). I am very good at putting on a front, I guess. My area has an adult specific Aspergers team, which does diagnosis, support for employment, etc. I think, possibly, having this team that I can (in theory) be referred to (NHS) is a good thing, and probably shows that we have services in place for adults in the spectrum. I do think that I need to at least approach my GP, who I think will be understanding. This has been going round and round in my head for coming on two years.
  13. Yes Lynda, DP is my other half - think I've spent too much time on mummying forums, and often find myself using some acronyms inappropriately! I follow the aspergersgirls blog on Word Press, and do find that a lot of what she says resonates with me. I also have a copy of Aspergirls on my iPad Kindle, and so much of it I read going "oh, that's me!". The other thing that rings very true with me is the "female Aspergers" traits/characteristics that is around online (think it is observational/anecdotal). I think I do generally cope well with things - I've always characterised myself as one of life's "copers". Outwardly, I seem very strong, independent and capable. I was brought up to be very independent - just the way it was. But inside, I don't feel strong or capable. If someone else can take the responsibility and independence away so I don't have to make decisions, I'll more than cheerfully hand it over! I get exhausted from having to keep up the facade. I have mini meltdowns (generally privately), I don't really get or particularly like people, and women in particular I don't understand. I have learnt a lot about myself from being with my partner. He says I am more diagnosable than him, and doesn't believe he would get a diagnosis now, as he has learnt to hide/mask his traits - in some ways, I agree. In others, the traits are obvious. I'm not sure what I even want from seeking a diagnosis - maybe just an understanding of why I do things the way I do, and why I see things the way I do. And also to maybe get certain managers at work off my back - I wish I could turn round and say why I am the way I am, but don't think they'd take anything other than a formal diagnosis. I do feel bullied at work, and I don't know if its because of th way I am - my face doesn't really fit, plus I tend to just say what I think...
  14. Hello - new here, introducing self. Username may give away one of my special interests! I'm female, 38 years 'old', and questioning AS status/diagnosis. I have more or less coped all these years, but finding it tougher. I'm on AD's for stress-induced depression, and have been for nearly a year. My DP is diagnosed AS, and has "self-diagnosed" me as 'mild, but obvious Aspergers'. A lot of things are making sense now, the more I read and learn about AS. I have a Bachelor's degree, an HE Dip, a Post Graduate Diploma and a Masters degree (mostly in law), and I'm on the verge of undertaking a Doctorate. I don't consider myself anything special in the intelligence department however! What I'm pondering at the moment is seeking diagnosis for AS, but cannot decide if it is worth it :-/ I've done various online "tests" and quizzes, and they point to me being likely AS. But decision making has never really been my strong point, and I can't decide what to do or the best - hence being here so I can maybe talk it over with others :-)
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