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  1. I imagine that makes him more vulnerable especially if his inappropriateness is directed towards children. It can make him very vulnerable indeed.
  2. I think unless you have a intellectual disability as well as ASD your pretty much left on the scrapheap and services don't want to know.
  3. Why is it that in the news anything bad that happens the perpetrator has Aspergers? Another case today in the media. Are people with Aspergers evil?
  4. This just shows how vulnerable people with ASD can be in the community. Sad really.
  5. I'm diagnosed Schizoaffective disorder as well as ASD, when I was unwell I had this delusion around my bother being an alien and I threatened to harm him, I didn't know then but mental health professionals take that sort of thing very serious indeed, they will be making a very thorough risk assessment of your son and his needs which could possible get him moved into locked rehab or a low secure unit if he attempts harm towards any individual, They're are specialist units that cater for vulnerable people with ASD....
  6. Sounds like he needs some psychiatric intervention, possible large does of haloperidol in the future to control his emerging psychopathic tendencies, His he also a bed wetter by any chance?
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