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  1. We won! I cannot believe it, I didn't think I stood a chance of sending a 5 year old into an independent special school!
  2. Well 4 days away from the hearing and I still don't know what school the Local Authority are proposing. Yes K2, I have an independent SALT, OT and ED PSYC reports. The SALT and the ED PSYC will also be attending as my witnesses. I'm just worried that the hearing will be adjourned. No doubt that the LA will submit in late evidence on the day.
  3. Hi, I am only a week away from the tribunal and the local authority still have not named their proposed school that they feel could meet my son's needs! Despite the frequent request for changes form I've been filing, ordering them to name a school, they keep coming back with excuses! I have a bad feeling that they would request an adjournment! Background: I am appealing parts; 2, 3 and 4 of my son's statement and I want an independent special school to be named in part 4. What do I do??
  4. Hi Kazzen, I think the issue is that as DS is a very passive boy, not challenging, does what his told etc. The mainstream school (even though they haven't told me) I presume think they can meet his needs. DS is only 5, so for now he is not having any "problems" at his current school or the other way round. Now, if his current school or any of the neighbouring units view my independent reports recommendations, I'm not sure if they would meet his needs as the recommendations would be quite expensive. Nah! I don't trust the LA one bit.
  5. Hi, I have been a lurker for many months, but decided to sign up and join. My son is 5 and a half, he has verbal dyspraxia and ASD. He is currently in mainstream school. I have appealed parts; 2, 3 & 4 of his statement of special educational needs. I would like him to go to an independent special school, which they have offered him a place. I have done everything. I have reports from an independent SALT, OT and Ed psych. The SALT and Ed psych will be attending tribunal as well as the head of the special school. I have handed in all my reports within the evidence deadline. The LA are being very hush hush and undecided. They still haven't named a school for my son to go into. I've done the request for changes form and the judge ordered the LA to clear name a type of provision, but again they responded that they are still undecided and are waiting for my evidence..... I am worried that my son may not get a place at the independent special school as my LA have many ASD units and only one ASD specialist school. Also, what happens if the independent reports say different things, eg. one report says my son needs a minimum of 1:2 direct group work and the other report says a maximum of 1:3. I just realised! and it's too late as I've already sent everything off to tribunal. Would this cause a big issue?
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