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    Hello and welcome to the forum Unfortunately it takes a long time to get a diagnosis but you will be understood by people here as a lot have been in the same position as yourself. Sure you will make contact with others for support
  2. You say your unable to drive have you ever taken any lessons?
  3. That's a good statement how do you manage coping that's something I've never managed to define in any meaningful way. Being unemployed is their fault society's fault because they won't let us work its that simple so we haven't failed in the meaning of the word because we are not given the opportunity to do any work because we are different. It's discrimination the same as any other minority group. Nobody can fail because of how your born that's not our fault so how much can be classed as failure I am not sure how to measure that either. I try to think this way if you won the lottery could you live on your own getting what you needed when you need it. That includes any help with cooking etc so if you could then it's only the lack of money that's stopping us so that's no different to anybody else poverty is the real restriction not ability because things can be adapted with funding. With the government taking what little we have who is really to blame who is at fault us for being born or society not excepting us and taking our money so we can't be independent it's hard to define but in general I think it's what's put upon us rather than personal abilities.
  4. You have a companion who is honest and only needs the basics food warmth and care if they get that they are happy and loyal. Then there are people and most should be ashamed of themselves for what they do you have made the right choice.
  5. That's something that we have to get used to people always treat us that way and think we shouldn't have anything if it means we have a quality of life or something we actually enjoy. People like that should be sacked for mental cruelty and abuse of vulnerable people in their care. But we have no valid opinions because we are autistic, I have always tried to be fair but the abandonment lack of support and general abuse of my condition has proved you can't trust anybody I thought you could but I have been proved wrong.
  6. Is there anybody local to you that you could get support from, have you spoken to your doctor about this.
  7. I have tried to access these services but because I live just outside the Bristol Boundaries I am not allowed to attend the Bristol group. The one I am supposed to attend is in Yate and that is a minimum of two buses and approximately a two hour bus trip so combined that will mean at least four hours travelling on public transport. That with the meeting will be a whole day and I have problems using public transport alone especially in the busy periods so getting there is not feasible. I have spoken to one of the social workers there and they don't visit people so I would have to get there myself which I can't do. I could be given an assessment for an adult social worker but have been told because there is no financial support only the very worst cases are going to get help. He could put me in for an assessment but because I am not one of the worse cases it's very unlikeliest I will be helped. I live with my mother and partner who assist in ways that keep me homed and deal with my finances so that apparently does not make me worthy of help. My partner and mother are both physically disabled and can't travel for such a long time to come with me to the centre. I can take the bus if it's very few people which isn't often but if it gets busy people a Lot around or they sit next to you I have to get off the bus wherever I am and walk to my destination. It's about nine miles to Yate from where I live and it's too great a distance to walk to and home again so I can not get any help, how can having to use two buses and a four hour trip alone be helping somebody with autism.
  8. The link isn't active it defaults to an error message.
  9. Without support why bother testing people, it's false hope if you are autistic looking for support after a diagnosis then to be told sorry there is no support. Where are we supposed to go or do what is beyond the capability of an autistic person, it's no surprise there are so many depressed people turning to alcohol and drugs just to get through the day some even commit suicide who cares for these people.
  10. That's the same as any service these days it's being slowly decimated so eventually it will not be fit for purpose. They say be reasonable but that means waiting endlessly like you say with no communication on progress.
  11. I don't think you need to feel guilty about receiving the appropriate treatment and diagnosis. It's honourable that your concerned about others in a similar situation and you could write to your MP or local health authority about your concerns and create your own support group if you felt able.
  12. There appears to be a lot of organisations that are testing for autism but very few helping people with their lives after the diagnosis is that because it's cheaper to diagnose it than help people live their lives with it because they may need support and that costs money.
  13. Is bipolar regularly associated with being autistic. How do they define the difference within typical traits of the autistic person.
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