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  1. I'm still alive just been super busy and worrying about my health thank for replying

  2. This is quite good to know and i never heard of the watch with a emergency button, how much does this cost and where can i get one from. I have seen plain Medi Alerts with the logo on the front and details on the back out of sight of crims. I'm out and about today so all sorts of challenges could be waiting for me.
  3. Hi dgeorgea I don't mind whatsoever, i just don't understand this last paragraph. At work i have two id badge at anyone time. I also have Learning Disability and Dyspraxia to deal with would i need to get a Medi Alert for them. I'm justing thinking if the worst came around and i could not verbal my condition i will not be treated with them in mind and having a Medi Alert does the verbal work for you
  4. Hi Dgeorgea Thank You for sharing your daughter story and it but like me, I'm all independent now travelling all over the uk but i'm starting to suffer mild aniexty now due to the fear of unknown. My family worry too while i'm out and have adopted the check in facebook method compared to texts. One area that i might seem weird in is Piers or surfaces above water as i can't look down to the sea as i think peir is unsafe as i see a screw missing or bit of wood missing. Never thought about a Bracelet or Neck chain, would lanyard do the job as i can't really wear bracelet with my job plus it might get damaged.
  5. I'm back on the mend now, I'm feeling more happier now and been starting to go out again but only to bodies of water as i find that so relaxing

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      Is this good sign that my mood improving

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      The Exodus

      Seems like it could be. I'd be vigilant though.

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  6. Hi all I'm been considering for a quite while to get some alert cards for me to carry in events where communication can break down or emergency. So i'm looking at starting with Autism Alert Card but not sure where tobuy the best one.I Seen one on Autism Website and looks quite good for £2.50. Are these quite hand for any kind of situation and was wondering if they a alert card for dyspraxia and learning diffuclts if so should i invest in them too. My concern is i'm starting to get all over the place but with my health and condition i'm starting to think how i would tell people about my medical conditions and i think the cards are the best
  7. No not even been doctor and this has been going on since april. where i'm tired all the time and low mood
  8. I think with my health condition i'm starting to think i'm getting depression. i have had a rollercoaster of emotions today from feeling low, lashing out and suicidal thoughts. But i found being near bodieds of water a good way of being myself together, otherwise i would done something stupid. any advice
  9. Thank you it early days yet in planning just applied for job in travel agent to get some insider information and it a disabled travel agents. What factors do you need to consider. Any questions?
  10. I find airports difficult, definitely on my own. This is interesting and this is something i could look offering with my business. What else do you think i should cater for in my business idea
  11. I'm a lover christmas and culture, i want to know what and how christmas celebrated around the world. So i'm looking when i'm 30 travelling the globe and experiencing christmas around the world and hoping to spend it a with family over in the chosen country. I think by doing this way you experience culture, religion and christmas in one. It other way i'm seeing what it like for others
  12. Hello, CT I clearly understand you found it tough and whole idea of this topic is too see how people travel and who would use this service
  13. Hello The whole aim to offer disabled and less able a simple pass to an holiday they are entitled to. It just brillant that you have a motorhome as some people can't drive like me. I see you like traveling, so would you use my service.
  14. Miheala Can you help to find out how i can still undertake my trying things out as i still want to do this. it my way of preparing for the worst. if anything happened to me i know what it feels like or how hard it is. I know they might be way but i don't know how to access services if they is any services. I every wondered about contacting like the police to see if they willing to give me experience of being in the cells for 24 hours it must most mad numbing thing going and i can't way people keep visiting them places it like how i want to try the court/ prisoner transport as on a hot day in a 1 x 1 box not fresh air it must uncomfortable plus you hand cuffed too. There so many types of ladies clothing and i want to experience most of it. like i want see how feels wearing school uniforms with ties and it doesn't seem right girls wearing ties and what the obsession about mini skirts short skirts to school. Plus varying degree of schools isolation and behaviour management. The RTA thing. i want try that because it happens so fast but takes so long after plus you fasten down for about 2 - 5 hours on hard board and neck in them blocks
  15. Hi Mihaela You have made clear a big issue here and did not they this and i'm grateful you have highlighted your issues. It have given me a better understand. Would you use my service when it starts up. initially it going to be package holidays where you make your way down but we can help with that for you or offer you some support. I go on my own but with coach holidays but they are getting a bit to much for me and the accommodation is basic to poor. I have tryed D.I.Y option before when i went to penrith but i feel safer and better going with coach holidays a lot cheaper. So this something i'm looking at changing. When the company expends we will be looking at buying a fleet of coaches with less seats spaces for wheelchairs and on board entertainment and the quickest route possable
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