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  1. that's lucky, is it a big company? or just a caring one?
  2. I think people should find out where their local asd centre or help group is. the chances are that there is one quite close by that doesn't involve a lot of travelling/expense. this may seem a bit of a chore but its making that link and it can lead to other things and other people in your area...and in turn more chance of organised meet ups arranged on here with the local people we meet .could we have a map and markers for which area we are from? or a page each ie; south, north west, north east, ?
  3. Thank you for writing this.it almost reflects perfectly to my own experience, Not knowing was hard work, almost like having to walk 1.5 miles whilst others had to walk 1 mile... and now I know I have aspergers its like I have to do the same but walking it "knowing that I have to" rather than " it seems I have to.."
  4. merry christamas. keep warm x

  5. hello everybody, its so nice to read your stories. have a warm and safe Christmas . xxx
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