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  1. thank you Becky! I havent had any experience with social stories as yet!, i will look into them, must admit the idea of it not coming directly from me may be a good approach! seems like whatever i say just makes things worse then i get cross cause i cant do the simplest of tasks! thank again x
  2. Hi All, Still not diagnosed yet, we are awaiting a consultation with the speech and language therapist now though, so at least tracks are finally being laid lol. My angel has worn me out with his anxiety of anything over a year old being used, moved, or even cleaned! It seems now that everything i touch/move during the day the constant question comes up. And his resistance to allowing something over a year old to be moved or changed in any way is truelly phenominal! I need a new fridge but i have a feeling i am going to have to keep the old fridge freezer either in the kitchen or in the shed he doesnt even like it if the magnets are moved! We recently had a new fuse box, and wiring for lights fitted, he was so upset at these new things he asked very politely if he could keep the bits they were replacing, the guys were lovely and said ok, but this just adds to the ever decreasing space issue i have! I home educate him too and he is even refusing to do books that are over a year old, or use paints, pens etc. Many have suggested that i 'thin' things that he may not notice out during time he is away from me.... but thats only 3 hours on a sunday ( and wise that he is, when he returns to the house he checks to ensure that everything is as he has left it!!). Am not really sure what to do... IF there is anything i can do to reassure him that somethings are ok to be moved/changed... its a different story though if its a change HE wants to make!!! I am sure i'm not the only one of us with a child resistant to changes in the home environment.... i have to confess to letting his way dominate recently (months!)which has probably just made me trying to get on top of it now worse for me! But taking pressure off such things has made his life so much more stress free i just dont know what to do for the best anymore! Not sure if i'm looking for advice or just a blurb! Feel better already just for getting it off my chest, thanks to anyone listening heh heh and of course any helpful hints more than welcome!! Sam (020586)
  3. Hello Lisa, My son is 6years old, and has always been home-educated. Not because of any pressure to do so, just thats what i wanted for my child even before he was born! I was very concerned about my abilities and methods to do so, and thoughts like: 'will he hate me for ruining his life when he's a teenager? 'will he miss out?' etc did burden me for some time. Each holiday the children have from school is a reminder for me just how glad i am that i stuck to my instincts and home educated!! (Rude of me to say but i find the 'normal' kids to be mean and manipulative and some of their parents to be worse!) Having been sent to this site re; Poo problems lol, I found out about AS and all things that accompany it, I listed my concerns and passed the note onto my doctor and he has happily referred my son without actually seeing him (he is our family doctor and knows my son and i), so i am now waiting for whatever comes next. As a home-educator you do not have to follow curriculum guidelines, you do not require any specialist equipment or training. If you want to home educate your child part-time many schools will allow this, (the child is registered with the school but is 'signed' out for the sessions you want to have them at home, the school still gets their payment for the child that way). At the end of the day only you can decide, but if you have the love and patience (sounds to me like you do!) then go for it, they are only small for such a short time! Look for local home-educators or the sites listed above for advice, and legal specs. From personal experience: I am really happy i made the decision. Now I know about AS i am even more sure of it. I don't expect it to be plain sailing forever, after all he is only 6! Take care Hope that all didnt come out as just a bunch of waffle!!!!!!! Sam (020586)
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