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  1. Thank you sally, I got in touch with the school and they are going to ask the SALT worker to informally assess my son, his LSA thinks he should be seen and also he'll get a lot from it, My son has a statement so need to start the process of getting this put on, the school do a social group at lunchtimes so things are there to help just need to get him to go and join in. thanks for the letter ideas, I shall be using the bases of that to inform the school officially. Thanks Alex x
  2. Hi sally can I ask what salt is? he has a specialist teacher once a fortnight and i'm phoning her today to ask her to help with social skills etc, Thanks Alex xx
  3. feeling veru emotional now, had the meeting at school, it was awful it turns out to be more complicated than before, my son got upset because one of the boys wanted to go of with someone different, Matt doesn't cope well when things like that happen and he kicked out, then punched the other boys for taking his friend away. So obviously the school have had to deal with this, so he has an in school exclusion for today, while we were in the meeting he flipped totally, took a while to calm him. The school think and I agree that Matt was hoping for an exclusion so he could be at home safe, he has been so difficult to get to school in the mornings, he says he has no friends ( sort of positive as last year he didn't really notice) and didn't want to be in school, I burst into tears felt so sad for him, anyway the school are putting things in place to help him at break times etc. he must have felt so desperate to do this feel we've let him down, sorry just wanted to update xx
  4. Thanks for the reply baddad, my son went to find someone to tell them what he's done and why, I know he'll need a discapline of some sort but its usually exclusion, but it was provoked and wrong i know, the school have phoned today and asked to see us tomorrow morning before school but when I asked I was told it was so we all know whats happening, I asked if the boys had been found i was told yes they were being spoken too, so now we've got a meeting tomorrow and don't know what about exactly. Sorry about the rambling x
  5. really need some advice, My son (12 adhs and aspergers) is in yr 8, about 2 weeks ago he was bullied by some boys in his yr, he didn't know their names so not a lot was done, even though they'd tried to provoke a reaction from my son, they did push him into a metal post and he bruised his leg,he really did well and didn't react, then yesterday some yr7s were calling him names, he lost it and kicked one of them, the boys went away but came back and called him Mental and retard he punched one of them in the stomach. The school phoned me and said they would do all they could to find the boys but obviously my son would be punished for hurting the boys!! He didn't wan tto go to school today but i took him although he was very upset. Now I don't know what the school intend but I'm cross as my son was provoked into a reaction which these boys got, last time this happened he got an IN SCHOOL EXCLUSION which meant he just sat in the head of years office for 2 days!! Can the schhol exclude him I've looked at the schools behaviour policies etc but he was provoked, to me this is bullying as i believe that the yr 8 boys from last time are behind this as the yr7's have only been in school for 4 weeks and still finding their feet. I've also looked at the ACE website, any advice please Thanks Alex
  6. Thank you will take a look, bless him he's so upset, can I ask how you coped at school with laces etc its a real worry we don't want him teased, Hope you don't mind me asking but feel its going to be difficult as he gets older to find shoes he can do up Thanks again x
  7. Haven't been on here for ages, but need some help with footwear, M (11) has just started secondary school and he has to wear football boots the problem is he can't tie his laces he has hyper mobile joints so finds it very difficult along with his lack of co ordination. I've managed to adapt his school shoes with elastic instead of laces (no shoes with velcro fastening in his size), but it doesn't seem to work with his football boots, Does anyone know if you can get velcro fastening football boots or if not what alternative is there, Have one upset son and a stressed mum trying to help... Thanks in advance x
  8. Thanks for your answers. I rang parent partnership the lady was very helpful, as we got the statement a week after it was dated because of no post (snow) she said we could ask for an exstension she also said to ask for a copy of the statement and appendases to be sent to her so she can read through them, when she's done that she'll get back to us. thanks for your help, links and suggestions x
  9. My son does this he's 10 nearly 11, I don't understand why he does it and he can't explain either. It must be a social skill thing, not very helpful am I, just so you know others are out here doing the same xx
  10. After a lot of fighting M has finally got a statement, most of it is ok but some of it is a bit woolly and needs to be more specific. Is there a standard letter format we can use or if not how do we word what we want Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance
  11. Question: can anyone tell me what a sensory diet is please ?
  12. Thanks Jo that would be great, need something we're worn out.
  13. Hi haven't been on here for ages although I have read posts when I've popped on, M has problems sleeping and seeing a peadatrician today she suggested that classical music has been proven to work help Autistic children to relax and so to sleep I'm interested in this, and wondered if anyone on here as heard of this and if they have does it work or help and what music did you use. Thanks Alex xx
  14. How do you hurry a child who panics when you try and hurry him up, and goes into meltdown, He has no sense of time, we bought a timer for him so he can see time going but that hasn't worked, if we rush him he loses it and seems to go slower Any ideas would be great Thanks
  15. Its difficult isn't it, just don't know how to deal with it, he's really angry he's got "special needs" he says he wish he wasn't alive, I really want him to be positive about it all, I don't want to come down heavy on him maybe we're the only ones who have this problem?
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