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  1. Thanks. Don't worry about the booze i'm not an alcoholic or anything. That statement was really me reflecting on a wedding I went to a couple of week sback - lots of strangers and too much attention my way, plus being surrounded by free champers...who wouldn't have a few?! As you say, coping strategies have been formed throughout early development and I am a rather good actor
  2. Again, thank you all so much. Suffice to say, I know that I have AS now. This is an excellent forum and long may it continue. I don't think I shall go through with an assessment at this time. It's not really what I need but an understanding of my behavior is and I am finding that here. Ian BTW don't worry, MH services are, in my experience very good, I wouldn't be a part of it otherwise. And as far as how AS affects my ability to do my job, I think it actually helps me retain healthy professional bounderies with clients and remain objective.
  3. Thanks for all the 'meltdown' info, i prob only get this twice a year but now i understand it more. Last time was just after moving house when I had argument with girlf and found myself running to the laundry room and began growling and hitting myself. Happened in what seemed like a second and tbh was strangely enjoyable though scary. Ian
  4. Lets not forget that we also care for ourselves. I would say that the word "care" means to protect from harm.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. Just to respond to Lucas: Are you joking about the alcohol? I think you are, pedant! I read the term, 'Borderline Asperger Syndrome' recently and agree with you about it's uselessness really, it's a about the degree to which one sit's upon the 'spectrum', isn't it. Most mental health workers are emotionally hard as nails and totally desensetised, their attitude tends to be, " If you aren't psychotic or suicidal stop moaning".
  6. Thank you all very much. I don't see the need for a diagnosis really, other than to forgive myself for years of feeling like a social idiot. re: social situations, it's funny that i do think "what would Matt do?" (he is my close friend) and before that it was The Dude from the film 'The Big Labowski' Ian
  7. Hi. My name is Ian and i am 36. The funny thing is, i am growing certain that i have BAS. I shan't go into detail why, suffice to say that mostly i have always felt like an alien, am compelled to collect stuff, live in a fantasy world and am very sensitive to texture. I also have diagnosed Dyspraxia. The problem as i see it, is that i work for the NHS in mental health. I know that to be referred for an Asperger assessment i need to be taken on by my local mental health team and that's where i work. They would never take on the person that they see at work every day, but they don't see the stress i feel in social situations and the learnt interactions that i fake. They don't see the sick days i have had for 'flu' etc that are really about about the fact that i can't bear to be with people sometimes. Plus, i know a bit about the assessment process and it seems very long and requires family interaction and i can't do that. So what do i want? I don't know. Maybe it would be good to know that i am not alone in feeling this way. In always being called 'weird'. i have been waiting 36 years to 'grow out of it' and am realising that this isn't just childhood shyness. I do have a girlfriend, funnily enough she is a social worker for adults with learning disabilities (i reckon thats why she can deal with my oddness) and she agrees that i have the traits, my best friend too (my only true friend i might add, who is a lovely primary school teacher and amazing social crutch for me) agrees too. Still not sure why i am writing this, but i found the forum and joined so i shall follow my nose. Maybe some tips on handling busy social situations without resorting to alcohol?! Best wishes, Ian.
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