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  1. fiorelli


    Hiya Simon Hope you're well. It has been a long time! To be honest, I feel like have been all take and no give on here lately. I have been throughly floored by L going to high school and the battle that has gone along with it. But now I have done all I can I am totally lost and trying to find a little hope. So, I too, hope that we get the result that we want. After the result comes through, I may come on and talk about it in a bit more detail, as that is the one thing I found difficult in the whole process was there that there was very little in the way of other peoples views/feelings/info as to what happens at tribunal. Fi x
  2. fiorelli


    Those who have been to tribunal, did you get any idea/feelings from the panel about what the outcome might have been? How did you cope with the wait between tribunal and finding out the 'verdict'?
  3. Carol - Social Worker???? Core Assessment??? You've got to be joking right???!!! They are like gold dust and two of the things (against many others) that I've been fighting for. I did see that from Carers UK and quoted it in the original request which they seem to have just read the 'Please can I have a carer's assessment' bit and not read the rest. I have had the same old spiel about seeing other worse off than us who are not entitled to anything. Only this time, the guy went as far as to say that they ONLY deal with children who are at extreme risk. hmmm. Sorry Carol, I went off on a bit of a tangent there - not aimed at you. Fi xx
  4. I wondered if you guys can help me. I put in a request for a carers assessment via the LA's adult services website. I recieved a letter yesterday saying that the request had been received and that someone would contact me in due course. Today I called ~Children's services (about a matter un-related to the CA) who said that my request had been passed onto them -via all manner of different departments. I was also told that they did not know what to do with the request as a carers assessment "is for adults who look after adults", and that "whilst as a parent of a child with a disability you are entitled to apply for and recieve carer's allowance, the actual act of caring for the child, even if they have disabilities is classed as within the remit of 'parent'"... Any help? What can I do - Any suggestions? Fi x
  5. Thank you for replying Kazzen, I hope you don't mind, but there are a lot of personal questions in there, I'll pm you the answers?
  6. Thank you both for replying. It was more or less the answer I was expecting. (although hoping not to get iykwim...) LEA have replied to tribunal saying that ASD and ADHD are not educational needs, and as such they will not name them on the statement. And that because each person with these presents differently, they oppose naming them on the statement. They are also opposing the resi school (big surprise - not!) saying that it is a social need rather than an educational one. Bah! I have a huge fight on my hands, esp. as I have heard that my local LEA are re-assessing everyone in resi. school to see if they still need the placement...
  7. Does anyone know how you go about gaining/asking for tri-partite funding for a residential special school? Thanks x
  8. Has anyone had to fill in the new style DLA forms? It is renewal time for my son and I have been given one of these to fill in. Only problem is that I have absolutely no idea where to start!! (It's just typical that I dug out the original forms I filled in 6 years ago in order to copy and amend them onto the renewal form that I thought was going to be the same as last time...) Fi xx
  9. I'm sorry that you seem to be having some problems with your son lately. However, I'm not so sure that the problems you have detailed are all about your Sister in Law. Surely it shouldn't have been up to SIL to say to your son that he couldn't be at the birth of her baby? If he has problems with communication at some level, maybe it should have been worked on/brought up before the point of birth when and how it would be appropriate for your son to see the new baby after it was born? I have to say that for (more than) 2 weeks after my children were born, the last thing on my mind was my nephew and when he wanted to see the baby. If there was such a strong bond between your BIL and your son before, then any 'issues' in their relationship should have been addressed earlier. As your son is 18, he is legalled classed as having the mental capacity to make his own decisions and choices - even if they are the wrong ones. From what you have written, your son made the choice to drink to excess. Your son made the choice to send text messages whilst in hospital to 'see if anyone cared', and chose not to send one to you (maybe because he already knew the answer to the question in that case was a big fat 'yes'?!). These may have been the 'wrong' choices, or 'bad' choices - however they were his, and his to make. Use them as a learning tool with him. I do however, agree with you that the reply from your SIL was innappropriate. I think asking about girlfriends is a perfectly normal thing to ask an 18 year old (I do it to my 12 year old - and even my 8 yr old!), and it can only be a good thing that he was looking at ways to open up conversation (in my view anyway!). I questioned how much lodge my sister used to have to pay our mum. There were many reasons for this: because of how much my sister earned, I didn't want her being taken for granted, I didn't want her to think life is a free ride etc. etc. etc, I don't know your son's situation, but by the sounds of it, he doesn't work. For someone not in employment, £50 a month is a lot of money. Maybe your SIL thought this too, and wondered why your son had to pay so much, and said what she did out of concern for him? I don't know. I'm not there. These are only my views on the situation as you have discribed it. But I really don't think that your SIL is entirely to blame, and I certainly don't think that 3 times in a year is something to get fed up over.
  10. Kazzen, no it's not a mainstream school - it's a special school for MLD.
  11. I have just received a letter from the LEA... However - I HAVE NOT received a final amended statement of SEN that names a school yet! Does anyone know if this a 'standard' thing to do or not? (and what I need to do about it - esp. as this school is only going to be a VERY last resort!!) Thanks xx
  12. sorry, just tried to delete this topic, but found we no longer have that option. Basically, I have just been reading through all of my old PM's and found one from the lovely Phasmid that answered my question, and a few more that have cropped up again. (I know you can't read this, but) Thank you Phasmid, your support, was - and is really useful! x
  13. Does anyone know if you HAVE to meet with the LEA if you have concerns with the proposed statement, or can you just write it all in a letter? Thanks x
  14. Hiya, was wondering if anyone here has any knowledge of statements and is willing to look through one with me. thanks.x
  15. hi JsMum, he had high dest scores back in yr r, but have not been able to get an ed psych to assess him properly, and cannot afford to go private. I suspect he might be though
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