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    We do Center parcs too-the boys love it. (in fact the youngest was just asking this week when we could go again!) We also rent a cottage in the summer-last year we went to a really remote one in Wales miles from anywhere. In fact you had to borrow the owners off-road vehicle to get to it as there was no proper road! The boys all loved it there too, so we have booked for this year. Find it best to go back to familiar places if possible, as others have said!
  2. Thank you Nellie-that is really useful. I have never seen that "supplentary information" form either. I will go through it with my son and should be able to go from there.
  3. Hi, My 18 year old son has just (last month) been diagnosed with Asprerger Syndrome. He is the second of my 5 sons to be diagnosed AS-my 7 year old was dx last year. I am just looking at the DLA forms for him. My question is, when applying for a teenager like this, do you normally do it in the first person and get them to sign-or do it on their behalf, in the third person, and say they are unable to do the forms themselves? My son is generally intellectually able-he is doing A levels at college at the moment-but certainly would not be able to complete the forms without help. (He also has dyspraxia so lacks organisational skills as well as having the communication problems of AS). I just wondered what others have done in this situation. Thanks!
  4. Viper-We had similar problems getting our son into school last year. (He is now 6). His problems were largely rooted in anxiety about school.The clinical psychologist working with him (he was then undergoing assessment) suggested trying the star chart system. I must admit I was very sceptical-M was getting himself into such a state every morning I doubted that he would be open to reason at those times. However, to my surprise it worked like a dream and before very long, the routines were so established we could abandon the star chart. It might be worth a try. I must say your school does not sound to have much understanding though!
  5. Hi, My son (6) is just the opposite. He has a very limited range of foods and would be quite happy not to eat at all. We had a particularly bad time a few months ago when he would not eat-he would examine everything and reject it if it had the slightest mark or blemish. Thankd goodness for milkshake, which is what kept him going through the worst of it!
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    Hi, I was not sure whether to post here or on the "general discussions" bit, so have done both! I have just joined-my youngest son, aged 6 , was diagnosed AS at the end of March. I live in London with my husband and 5 sons, who are aged 24, 22, 16, 11 and 6. My 16 year old was diagnosed dyspraxic when he was 9, but in the light of the diagnosis of the youngest am now wondering if he is AS too. It is heartening to read stories similar to our own and to know we are not as alone as we sometimes feel!
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