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  1. hev

    hello everyone!!!!

    ive been on facebook kathryn hello tally <'>
  2. hev

    hello everyone!!!!

    it dont seem possible eh baddad time goes really quick,things so much better than they have been,i think ive learned to ignore a lot and not get so stressed
  3. hello,my son is 16 with aspergers,he clashes with his stepfather a lot who has been with us since steven was 3,it is all very hard to deal with and to be honest i have no answers but just to let you know you not alone,this forum has helped me so much so keep posting as it got me through some very dark days and i made some lovely friends
  4. hello everyone!!!hope everyone ok,all ok in hevs world steve 17 next month and katie 7 steves been in mainstream college for a year and done fantastic not sure what he wants to do in september but we looking at options now. things at home improved loads,we not the brady bunch by any means but we not fighting like the dingles any more nicks still lovely and im still quiet and shy gonna have look through posts now xx
  5. i do not consider stevens aspergers to be a gift at all,i have found his condition extremely hard to deal with over the years,goes without saying i love him but the aspergers he has in my opinion is not a gift
  6. hev

    London Mini-Meet

    thanks bid,i will be there ive sort of got over my facebook addiction so will be on here more now
  7. well he seems to be enjoying it he makes his own way there on the bus,its about half hour away and considering he used to travel to and from southampton every weekend by train on his own he has no worries saying that tho,he fell asleep on the bus tonight and missed his stop!!hes not used to these early mornings,its 3 days a week so can still have a few lie ins anyway so far so good,this mothering lark is a worry tho,i been on tenderhooks for 2 days!!
  8. oh my god im tired constantly and i just saw this and thought could it be due to the cilatropram,im constantly tired and could sleep all day!!i am overweight tho so it could be that as well,i been on cilatropram for about 9 years,40 mg
  9. saw him on the bus and i feel all weird now!!hes doing 2 days this week then in future 3 days,hes doing a life skills course for a year then choosing what he wants to do next year im nervous
  10. hev

    London Mini-Meet

    oh and you met me and you have forgotten to mention that!!!!!!!! im going to the christmassy meet defo be afraid!!
  11. hev

    The law of sod

    my washing machine and hoover broke in the same week i was waiting for the 3rd thing to go wrong but thankfully it didnt!!!
  12. is doing a foundation course 3 days a week at our local college then after a year can do the course of his choice im really hopeful it will work and hes pleased :clap:its a sort of life skills course with help for his difficulties in a mainstream college
  13. hello david!1nice to see you on here again!! xx
  14. get her in the corner when no ones around and smack her straight in the mouth then again you want to keep your job so just say oh by the way my sons disabled and like someone said watch her squirm,if she dont squirm do the smack in the mouth bit!!!! <'> <'> <'>
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