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The little things

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Hi all,

Just had to share this as i feel like I have won the lottery! Ds went on a school trip today and wore his own clothes!!!!!!!! He always wears his uniform...always! school plays, non uniform days and school trips. I always feel like the mum who forgot(although no one thinks that at all) and today as we dropped the children off at the trip and he didnt have to actually go near school, and I bought him a new "suit" top and shorts so it didnt have a "place" yet ,he did it! I know to some this might sound so silly to be pleased but for me.....this is huge! I am teary eyed as I type! dont care if he never does it again(although have my fingers crossed ) Yes I know he didnt go to school but he let the other children see him not in uniform...he was up several times in the night to be reassured people would recognize him :whistle: but he is pushing his own boundries and I am so dam proud! He is very clingy tonight and I realize what a big thing it was for him! A year ago I would have laughed if someone told me not only would he want to do this but to do it! Happy Mummy tonight

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thats wonderful :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :notworthy:


give yourself (and him) a pat on the back :cheers::thumbs:

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Well done to both of you :thumbs: The small things really do count,I just posted similar achievement so know exactly how emotional it can be,its brilliant isnt it? :clap:


I hope it continues really do :pray:

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Thank you so much! succsess it seems has a price as we have had a bit of a poo fest tonight! limited to pjs and bathroom so its not all bad......and to be fair seems like a small price to pay for such fantastic progress! Note to self get marrigold gloves!


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Well done! :thumbs::thumbs:


I wrote a pome on a similar theme for my son a few years ago - he never minded own clothes day, but wasn't really fussed either way and didn't like wearing his 'best' stuff. I've just dug it out:





It’s own clothes day today

And if we take in fifty pee

We can wear whatever we want.

Nearly all the boys wear trainers and trackies

So they can chase a football at lunch time

And pretend they’re the people on the cards they swap

When it’s wet play.


The others mostly wear combats or jeans

And t-shirts with bands that they like or think are cool

Or sometimes with slogans that are supposed to make you laugh

Or Bart Simpson showing his bum.


The girls wear all sorts of different things

Dresses and skirts and jeans and tops

They all try hard to stand out but blend in

To look so cool that their friends think they don’t care

Spending hours and hours the night before

Getting it just right.


Year six boys look just the same

But the year six girls look scary and strange

They paint themselves with glitter and do things with their hair

And the boys who usually talk to them hide themselves away

Not sure what’s going on.


Last Year, Jenny P

Wore a skirt so short it even shocked me!

I heard Mrs Finley, the dinner lady, say;

If she was my daughter I’d make her wear a mac…



I’ll just wear my school uniform

I don’t like being the same as everyone else.





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Well dun to your lad. :thumbs:

I have always giggled when mine say "we can wear our own clothes today" I can't help but reply that even the uniform is their own.

Some kids make such a big thing out of it don't they. My middle Dd who is about as NT as they come gets herself sooo worked up about looking right!!

Personally I hated them, my sisters flares were always too short for me by the time she had grown out of them. :lol:

Love the pome BD!! B)

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