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I know we all have our own stories of living with Autism, but I know for me over the years I have been greatly helped by knowing that others have or are going through the same thing.


A while ago a friend suggested I make some you tube videos, so I have started to... these are a very amateur account of aspects of our life. They are relaxed its just me talking. I have had some nice emails and am happy to continue.


These are just personal accounts, of course I am not telling anyone how to suck eggs, or telling people what wil work for them.. I suppose I am just telling folk how it is for us. If it helps even one person then it's worth it.


So please do have a look if you feel so inclined. But be kind. :)


Yes I look rough LOL I also have an incurable illness so you see me warts and all!






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I have subscribed. I have started watching your 'Introduction to Aspergers' video but already I can tell you are a lovely, understanding person! I will try and make time to watch more of it :D Your children are very lucky to have you :)

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