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  1. Okay, but the offer to do a presentation at local groups was taken out completely, you could have just taken out the link, not the whole sentence - my offer to do a talk at local groups still stands. It's not like it's a random business anyway, all I'm doing is trying to help, I can't go to the ends of the country out of my own pocket because I just don't have the money to do that, so yes I would need to be paid some expenses. Everything I do is to help, but I can't end up out of pocket by hundreds of pounds. _______________________________________________________ The parents who attended this presentation gave me great feedback and said that it was really useful for them, so if anyone is part of organizing or attends an Aspergers group and you would like me (and Chris) to do a similar thing just shoot me a PM
  2. Why did you edit this? I'm offering to help by doing talks, because this one I did, the people who attended were very grateful for me going down and doing it? That's what this section of the forum is for, no? 'An area for people touched by ASD's, to exchange ideas, offer help etc'
  3. Hello I did a presentation at an Aspergers group this weekend. Here is a video of a portion of the presentation, and a bit from the question and answer at the end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZtoXj7onDo&feature=c4-overview&list=UU2OdMVzzL6SaOKyP0dTcllQ The whole talk has been split up into articles which I have added to my site here, if you want to see them: http://www.willowhop...d-the-aspergers http://www.willowhop...rs-relationship http://www.willowhop...pport-in-school Thanks
  4. I'm glad you found out who you sent it to. I am terrified of online banking to be honest - it's all too easy to make a mistake. I've made small errors with my money before and I've felt just awful about it (mostly forgetting that some things renew monthly or yearly, and that I need to cancel them etc). It would make sense for them to have to prove that you were paying them for something, so hopefully the police could sort it if they don't just give it you back straight away. I hate that in my online banking system, it saves 'contacts' so they're easy to pay next time...too easy!
  5. When I was applying for my provisional driving license, I put on the form that I have Aspergers and Dyspraxia and they never told me I would need an assessment - but this was in 2009, so maybe this is a recent thing?
  6. I did have CBT for a while. I had just stopped going to school due to bullying and the aim was to get me back into school. I went from never wanting to return, ever, to being settled again in a new school, happy about it. I really can't say how it worked, but it did. It felt sly...I just talked about things, and we made plans and drew things which helped me describe my feelings - like spider diagram type things and what not, and then all of a sudden I realised I was in school again! I would probably be okay to do it again, I felt like it was a relaxed experience. I think I went for around a year. She seemed to be fairly understanding about my Aspergers, though she wasn't a specialist in the area.
  7. I have subscribed. I have started watching your 'Introduction to Aspergers' video but already I can tell you are a lovely, understanding person! I will try and make time to watch more of it Your children are very lucky to have you
  8. Willow-Tree

    No PM?

    Hi...my PM has gone? I only just noticed so not sure how long this has been the case. SmileyK, I'm sorry if you've messaged me and I haven't responded. Oh and I hope you liked my book You can get in touch with me on my Facebook page - Facebook.com/willowhopepage I hope you are doing okay, I'm sorry I've not spoken in a while, I used to get an email when I had a new PM from you but obviously I don't have the PM capability anymore... From Willow Xx
  9. America in general yes - hopefully the west coast. But, it's difficult when you have no family over there!
  10. Yeah I've been like this for a period of my life. It was when I was about 15 or 16. I spent pretty much all of my time in my room and my Mum would bring food to me to remind me to eat etc. It didn't last a really long time, and I would venture out every once in a while - but I think it was down to depression/a nervous breakdown. I mostly had the opinion that it was easier to be asleep than to be awake. However, I am nearly 21 now and live with my partner and do regular housewife type things etc. I still don't go out into the actual outside world very often except for the gym and to get groceries - and I don't have any real life friends, but I'm happy XD I got sick of it by myself and decided to force myself into a better life. I think it's just something that has to happen on it's own, along with some gentle reminders from family of course
  11. At 17 I wasn't able to be taken on by any of the support groups or anything. Apparently it's up until 16 you're a child and then from 18 you're an adult. I had to wait to turn 18 and then I got a bit of support from a local Adult Aspergers Group, who went on to lose funding anyway. I didn't find anything that would take me on at 17 unfortunately
  12. No I know, but I said to remind you to turn the hobs off. That's something I forget a lot! Setting reminders for that can be useful. But in terms of not burning something, if you know you are prone to forgetting about it and ending up burning it, then it's best to stay with it. I have to do that usually; it means a lot of waiting around in the kitchen sometimes, but so long as it doesn't get burnt, I'm okay with it
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