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asking for a payrise

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Asking for money has always been an issue with me - a big reason why I gave up self-employment. I've been hassled a lot at work in the last 2 years to assist my European counterparts, which means more travel away from my wife and kids.


The sub-boss of Europe has asked to meet with me tomorrow. I know he'll be pushing for me to increase my travel range outside the UK and expects it to be inside my current job setup. My equivalents based in Europe take-home salary is roughly double mine, but I hate confrontation and know I'll ask followed by a diatribe of useless information including some important points put across in a factual manner that will come across as demanding and arrogant.


How do I do this successfully?


Any and all advice would be appreciated


note: they do not know I have ASD.

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How is your salary compared to equivalents in UK?


If they want you do extend the scope of your current work then the work you are doing is of good quality and highly valued by the boss. I don't know your full circumstances but based upon what you have written, I would be tempted to say something simple on the lines of, "would there be a salary rise to go with this increase in responsibilities?" it might work & you can always ask again later on.


If you are underpaid or even paid the going rate your employers should be keen to keep you happy.



I hope this helps, my advice can be rubbish sometimes

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Hmmm. Good question. It went well, but for the wrong reasons.


Turns out he wanted help with some sales stuff as current sales person has just quit. After which he asked my opinion of sales in my dept. He then asked me to take over the sales roll. Bit of a left-field proposal. He thinks I have the skills. Personally I disagree (if you are unsure lookup "worst jobs for Aspies") and considering the current situation of my department, the sales roll needs a big hitter right now. He looked disappointed and tried to change my mind Following day we had another meeting where I suggested I could fill in until they find a big hitter (good experience, always nice to try and challenge a stereotype). His eyes lit up. He said great. I said there are caveats. He said he had a plane to catch and lets talk this week.


So we'll see how it pans out from there.


Cheers :)

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