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RIP Alex, featured on The Autistic Me

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Hi, all. :)


I used to be an active member here many years ago - most of you on here now probably won't recognise me, as I haven't visited at all for years.


But I was drawn back here tonight having just seen a repeat on BBC One of the documentary, The Autistic Me, originally broadcast back in 2009.


The end of the programme gave us an update on how the various participants in it had fared in the years since its original broadcast. While most had fared well, we learned that Alex, who had Asperger's Syndrome (like me), sadly died in January of this year, having "had a sudden epileptic seizure and passed away in his sleep". :( The programme was then dedicated to Alex.


I expect many of you on this forum will have watched the programme at some point, either in 2009 or tonight, and will be sad to learn of this news. Or if you'd like to watch it now, maybe to remember Alex, it's available now on the BBC iPlayer, at this location, until April 23rd.


The reason I was drawn back here was because one of the other people featured in the programme, Kirsty, is a member of this forum too, with the username "Special_talent123". It looks like she last posted on the forum last August. In The Autistic Me, she was Alex's potential love interest.


Kirsty, if you ever still look in here, I don't know how things between you and Alex progressed, but if you were still in touch with Alex at all, then I'm sorry for your loss - he seemed like a really lovely guy, and I could relate to a lot of his experiences.


Rest in peace, Alex. :(

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Kirsty is no longer in touch with Alex the relationship didn't work out.

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