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Undecided what to do next at college

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Hi all,

My son has just passed Level 1 Horticulture course at college but we were told by his tutor that the college will not hold Level 2 course next academic year. He also told us that my son could enroll Level 1 Hard Landscaping course instead until 2018 when they plan to organise Level 2. The problem is that my son also has a severe dyspraxia and he really struggled with practical side of his course throughout the year although he managed to complete it at the end. The college and the tutor were brilliant and helped him a lot but at the end report they also wrote that he did not improve much with practicals. The Hard Landscaping course also involve fencing and using hammer and nails and my son is concerned about it. When I told him that perhaps he could try IT Level 1 instead he was happy about it. He does not know much about computers but can use it and learned some things from his father. He likes watching his clips over and over again. 

However, my son also likes gardening (despite his dyspraxia) and we are all very proud of him that he managed to pass his Level 1. The tutor has a son with asd and understands my son very well. He is also keen on him completing the whole course. He told me that my son is 'his little project'. This kind of support from any tutor my son has never had. We do not know if he would get the same support on IT course. Besides, maybe it would be pity not to continue with Horticulture. The tutor thinks that he would benefit from attending Hard Landscaping course since it will widen his experience and increase his chances to get a job. But with his dyspraxia would he be good at it? Maybe IT is more suitable for him? At the moment he applied for both courses and will make a decision nearer the time of enrolment.

Any advice will be appreciated greatly.


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i would say that your son should do what he feels is most appropriate for him. i am a great one for having a go, and saying that, i am happy to explore my limitiations, or rather, i am happy to explore my world and take my limitations with me, so to speak. 

i do not see any reason why an examining board should not be able to make special consideration during an exam for the element of dsypraxia. examination boards make special consideration for people who are disabled, giving them extra time to complete. 

i would say this: that is it not how fast you are able to complete a task that is important, but rather, how well you complete a task and how well you understand it at the end of the day. a task undertaken with consideration and deliberation, and most importantly, with the wider context of application in mind, then that is BETTER. that is a craftsman's approach. and approach is everything. 

it takes several months to make a samurai sword. many times the making has to be abandoned, and restarted. this is not failure on the part of the maker, but rather part of the process. that is the nature of art. 

i think that if any course cannot accommodate the idea of special consideration then it is the wrong course. but i do not think that your son should abandon his ideas purely because one course cannot accommodate him. 

my best wishes to your son. 

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