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need advice

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:D hi my name is jenny i havent posted much but i do come on here every day to see how everyone is

i am after advice regarding my daughter who is 6 and has a dx asd she is in mainstream school when she goes back she is in year 2 she is doing ok at school we have our moments she can be stressed by school she hates to leave me she has this thing for me maybe obssesive she asks for me a lot in school "i want my mummy" they do reassure her and tell her its not mummy time yet she cries for me tells me she has missed me looks very stressed when i pick her up they always say she was fine

she loves to be home with me always asks if she can stay home with me gets upset when i say she has to go but i do get her to school ok the thing i am worried about is there are 2 other children that i know of who have needs one little boy is deaf and the other little boy is like my daughter asd

with my daughter being very passive i am worried she is going to get over lookes because she can be so quiet and when she is unhappy she picks at her fingers till they split and bleed but they never notice

the little boy with asd is going to be statemented his parents have asked for this and the school agree because he can be a hand full i talk to his mum everyday at school

do i ask for a statement for my daughter

i have worries she has learning difficultys but not sure what age this can be checked do i ask school to check this or should i get in touch with my daughters paed who she sees regular

i just feel so stupid as to what do i do to make sure my childs needs are met and she is not just being left because out of the three in the class she is the quietest

when she gets home from school she is so fragile little things will set her off she can be so stressed she likes to get in bed and watch her fav film never wants to go out of the house if she can help it she is a right home bird

its just that because i dont see whats going on in school i feel i dont know what is realy going on i do feel they keep things from you

please any advice would be great as to what i sould do i think year 2 is going to be the test for her i need to know what i am doing regarding school i am sorry i have gone on a bit jenny

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I really feel for you, my son is 6 too and going into Y2 in September. School are going to be requesting a statement come September and out consultant has asked us to think about special schools as he's simply not coping.


With regard to how well your daughter is doing - most schools will informally assess the children at the end of yr (my ds refused to take part so we don't know how he's doing sigh) but don't generally inform the parents of the results so it might be worth asking school come September if they did that and if they know what level of the national curriculum your daughter is working at.


At the end of Y1 I think (anyone feel free to correct me) they should be achieving roughly level 1, aiming to be at level 2 by the end of Y2. If she is working below national curriculum level then the results may be recorded as 'PIVATS'.


My son is 'a handful' too and in a way this is good as it means his needs and problems are definately brought to attention - it must be very difficult if you have a quiet child who isn't much trouble in class as I imagine it's easy for them to be overlooked.


How is her behaviour at home? Often a good indicator of how things are going at school. Is she on an IEP plan - if she is you should be having regular reviews of her progress and school should be letting you know how she is doing.


My son is sometimes hysterical when I leave him and it's heartbreaking. I think 'leaving mum' is going to be one of his targets on his IEP next term, also he was having 2 afternoons 1-2-1 with a teaching assistant but this is going to be moved and increased to 5 mornings as it's in the morning when he's most upset, he's usually settled somewhat by the afternoon.


Is there an Educational Psychologist involved with your daughter - if she is behind in her school work it might be worth asking school if she can be assessed by the ed psych (can be a wait as school only get so many hours with the ed psych and have to prioritise) and they can test to see what her abilities are. Also in our area we have an autism liasion teacher who liases with school and advises them on how best to deal with your child - if there is such a person it might be worth having a chat with them and they can advise school how to help.


I'm also planning on having a chat with ds' new teacher early in term and have got a copy of 'Early Years Curriculum' leaflet (something like that) from the National Autistic Society (it was about ?1) and am writing notes in it of things that particularly upset my ds.


Hope some of that was some help, if it's any consolation I'm absolutely dreading Y2 - ds will be in a much larger class (from 17 to 29), has a newly qualified teacher, there'll be more emphasis on 'work' and not so many toys in the classroom (he likes the sand and blocks) etc and SATs!


Good luck. x

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Hi jenny


your daughter sounds like my 6 year old ASD , he's going back into year 2 and he's already biting the skin off his fingers we try and explain its not for 3 weeks yet but he's already getting into a state , the school made us a book with his new teachers classroom etc with this is your teacher and toilet and classroom and i'v been showing it him everyday as i was scared it thought he was never going back .#


In k's class there's 3 children with different disablities they all have 1-1 so i know K is getting the support to himself , K is so quiet it worrys me too the biggest one if they turn for a minute he's out the class (his support told me this) but they have been able to keep this in hand (for now)


As far as what level sorry i'm totally lost with them as K , L , K all have disabities so none are reaching there levels


If your worryed speak to the school make sure she is getting that 1-1



good luck

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