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  1. hi everyone i dont post much but i am on here all the time, my daughter who is 8 and had her dx when she was 3, i have just bought her a therapy buddy from usa me and my husband saw them on tv i think it was called american inventor something like that ours in the uk is called the lions den this guy came on with these little blue doll who are soft and squashy and if you press their foot it tells you everything is going to be all right my husband thought one would be ideal for our daughter as she gets so upset and stressed , she loves it we bought the big one and the baby buddy she takes the baby buddy everywhere i just wanted to let you know about them i know they are not for everyone but we have found it a great help for calming our daughter down. jenny xxxx I have Edited the web address included on the post in line with Forum rules as it would be considered a commercial web site promoting the product. Please pm Jenny for more information.Regards Karen.
  2. hi my son was the same he use to get picked up by school taxi that picked so many other children up as well the way we got round it he would have headphones on listening to music he would always get in the same seat he would put his hood up and just look out of the window, he still does most of this now when he gets on public transport he will try his best to get a window seat hood up music on he said its the only way he can cope to block out as much as possible, my daughter goes silent on a bus and almost hides into me until we get off then she is ok but its not very often i have to get a bus as i have a car...jenny x
  3. <'> thank you all for your sound advice i have phoned school this morning to let them know what is going on and i have a appointment to see my gp on wednesday to get a sick note and i am getting intouch with the paed again tomorrow, thanks again i dont know what i would do without this web site and all the sound advice you get from everyone, it can be hard when you have no family for you to turn too my mum lives in new zealand and my dad lives in canada and my hubbys mum isnt around much so this forum is my life line to great advice and ideas thanks ............jenny x
  4. just to say i havent sent my child back to school yet due to her being so upset at the thought of it, she is stuggling to cope with school and school is making her behaviour at home worse, i made an emergency appointment with paed and got a cancellation wed told him everything he got on to school straight away and asked for her teacher to phone him back when she is free on his mobile and he is sending her back to see the psychologist. this week at home we have been doing work i bought work books and a world map off the internet so we have been doing maths and english before lunch then after lunch we read then a bit of work on the pc then she picks what she wants to do go out for a walk,library,painting that sort of stuff she loves looking at the world map she has been a joy all week she is like a different child. the only thing is until i see the psych do i send her back to school or do i keep her at home the paed did say that the psych needs to go into school to watch them with her he said they are not dealing with her needs properly and we need to find out what is going on i did tell him i feel like i am kept in the dark about her the teacher will say she has had a good day then i am told off her class mates your little girl has been crying alot today. if i do keep her off for a while do you think i should see the head teacher tell her what is happening and do you think i will get into trouble off the welfare officers, i hate all this not knowing what to do all i know is my child is at rock bottom where school is concerned and i feel i need to do something i feel like a little fish in a big pond at the moment but any advice you can throw my way i need all the help i can get jenny x
  5. hi mel i know just what you mean my daughter is the same her fingers get so bad they are cracked split bleed and she only does it when she is in school when she is off school on holiday they heal up especially the 6 week holidays but as soon as she is back so is the picking i have tried everything i can think of but it doesnt help that she only does it at school and the teachers have never seen her do it the only time they know she has done it is when she makes them bleed it makes me feel so sad to know she is that sressed she can do this to her self hang in there if you get any tips pass it on jenny
  6. thank you all for all your advice its always a help to hear from parents who are doing it or have done it thanks once again jenny
  7. i have been thinking about homeschooling my daughter dx asd who is 6 i have been looking in to it for months now doing all the reserch i can about it i have done it before i had to homeschool my son at 13 for about 8 months until we found him a school that was suitable for his needs, i am just after advice from anyone regarding this how they have found it ? have they noticed a difference in their child since they have taken them out of school i have read of one parent who child went to school part-time anyone else heard about this ? i know i have to do something with her the school she goes to have done all they can to help my daughter its a great school the teachers do all they can for her but its just not working for her she just not thriving my husband sees it as torture for her she struggling so much with the school environment its affecting her ability to learn after she gets home from school it takes me about an hour to get her calm and back to her happy self my evening consists of lots of reading writing drawing painting anything that involves learning she is like a sponge she is like this everynight till she goes to bed about 10:30 even then when she is in bed she has to have lots of books and a dvd on but at least if i do this i have more chance of her staying in her room at bedtime. at school the teacher has told me that anytime they introduce new work she goes to pieces their is loads of things she does at school i dont have to tell you as you will all know what they will be, any advice will be much appreciated sorry i have gone on a bit jenny
  8. i got fab ear defenders for my daghter off ebay they are ace and in her fav colour pink she loves them wear them when i hoover when we go out and are a must on bonfire night she loves the look of fireworks but hates the noise so they were fantastic last year she was outside watching the fireworks instead of in the house watching them through the window jenny
  9. <'> just to add my daughter can be a bad sleeper she wouldnt sleep till after 1am up in the night up as soon as she saw daylight we did her room pink fav colour disney princesses lamps big disco ball with light on celing filled it with loads of her fav toys tv dvd and the biggest thing a water bed as you can see i was desperate for sleep but it has helped she still goes to bed late 10:30 but her routine then putting her fav film on her lights on bedroom is like a disco and she loves the bed i think because its warm and squashy and soft she stays in it its the best thing i have ever bought she might stay up till early hours and be awake at the crack of dawn but she stays in her room all night now watching tv even in the morning she just puts her fav film on and lies in bed she needs so little sleep and it doesnt bother her we called her our ever ready battery as she was always on the go no matter how little sleep she had but it was affecting us as a family it was making me ill but now i get to sleep all night most nights we do have our ups and downs but its miles better than it was fingers crossed you will manage to find something that helps you and your child it ony took me 5 years but i think we have found just what se needed a bedroom like a pink disco and a warm soft squashy bed thats she like to get in and stay in jenny
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    thank you so much for your replies they do help jenny
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    hi my name is jenny i havent posted much but i do come on here every day to see how everyone is i am after advice regarding my daughter who is 6 and has a dx asd she is in mainstream school when she goes back she is in year 2 she is doing ok at school we have our moments she can be stressed by school she hates to leave me she has this thing for me maybe obssesive she asks for me a lot in school "i want my mummy" they do reassure her and tell her its not mummy time yet she cries for me tells me she has missed me looks very stressed when i pick her up they always say she was fine she loves to be home with me always asks if she can stay home with me gets upset when i say she has to go but i do get her to school ok the thing i am worried about is there are 2 other children that i know of who have needs one little boy is deaf and the other little boy is like my daughter asd with my daughter being very passive i am worried she is going to get over lookes because she can be so quiet and when she is unhappy she picks at her fingers till they split and bleed but they never notice the little boy with asd is going to be statemented his parents have asked for this and the school agree because he can be a hand full i talk to his mum everyday at school do i ask for a statement for my daughter i have worries she has learning difficultys but not sure what age this can be checked do i ask school to check this or should i get in touch with my daughters paed who she sees regular i just feel so stupid as to what do i do to make sure my childs needs are met and she is not just being left because out of the three in the class she is the quietest when she gets home from school she is so fragile little things will set her off she can be so stressed she likes to get in bed and watch her fav film never wants to go out of the house if she can help it she is a right home bird its just that because i dont see whats going on in school i feel i dont know what is realy going on i do feel they keep things from you please any advice would be great as to what i sould do i think year 2 is going to be the test for her i need to know what i am doing regarding school i am sorry i have gone on a bit jenny
  12. hi my daughter who is 6 and has asd does stammer at times only slightly but others really bad its bad at christmas and if she is having a hard time at school last christmas it had got so bad she just couldnt speak i would say to her have your words got stuck and she would nod and give up then when she was on christmas holidays from school with in 4 days the stammering had gone and she was fine but i do see it at times when she is having a hard time coping at school it will come back really bad its terrible for her it comes and goes depending on her stress level jenny x
  13. i know everytime i feel like **** i come on to here and have a good read and see how everyone is doing and it makes me feel better that i know i have support if i need it i dont post often but im on everynight it makes me feel better <'> jenny i hope you are feeling better soon <'> jenny
  14. just wanted to say my daughter has a hard time at school and cries for me a lot and just wants to go home and be with me yesterday when i picked her up she looked terrible i could tell the day had not gone well teacher let me know it had not gone well well when we were on our way home in the car she told me she missed me at school i told her i missed her too then she said devon loves mummy too much talk about being hit with a brick i was almost in tears trying to drive home dont they say some amazing things at times jenny
  15. <'> hi to you all thanks so much for all your replies it helps so much, well its monday another week she looked abit worried this morning we will see how she goes but she is looking forward to the school holidays she loves being at home and doing the things she loves at the minuite we are having to watch roger rabbit ( i know it word for word ) but it keeps her happy thanks again hope to speak to you all soon jenny x
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