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#1 florrie


    Ben Nevis

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Posted 23 December 2006 - 08:37 AM

Has anyone experienced seizure or fits with ssri, I went to gp after many years as they don't recognise difficulties of asd, and depression and fears are intolerable and prescribed me seroxat again which i had been on many years ago but came off them due making manic behaviour so bad, I couldn't explain it at the time i just said they were doing me harm but they didn't seem to believeve me so i took them this time when given them i thought oh no but I'll try them again, i felt i had no option this time i had a convulsion so i've stopped, but i am afraid to tell them as I'm so phobic of them due to past experiences

#2 florrie


    Ben Nevis

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Posted 30 December 2006 - 12:26 PM

i have been so ill recently, with obsessive manic states and losing track of time and days and not sleeping for days and hyperactive pacing, and because i didn't really know what was happening to me,and am not able to communcate accurately at the time i was struck of several years a go after suicide attempt with seroxat so have been frightened to go again but believed it was because i had asd, which i do also have but that is not what is causing mental health probs, any way my mother and sister came and saw me over xmas and are absolutely convinced i have manic depression due to agitation and rapid flipping from topic to topic in a manic way, sometimes being incoherent, the seroxat made me worse and i 've had seizures ever since my overdose with it and i remember the hospital doctor told ken at the time I would be likely to have some brain damage which is exacerbating problems my short term memory and organisation was affected too and i lost ast least 30 points off my iq as it was 75 on iq test when i was assessed for asd but I went to a grammar school where entry was minimum 110. I don't really know what is happening to me, but i don't think my gp is likely to acknowledge these difficulties, this is a lucid moment where i can write this but things are getting worse, and i'm not able to communcate at all much of the time i wonder if i have got like this because of undx communication problem and stress and trauma that I've tnot been able to cope with but I don't know. i feel exhausted with it all

#3 Tally



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Posted 30 December 2006 - 10:45 PM

Florrie, it does sound like Manic Depression is a possibility, especially as you have reacted this way to an antidepressant.

ASD is a possibility, but it sounds like the priority needs to be getting you stabilised for the moment.

I think you need to go back to your doctor ASAP, as an emergency. Take someone with you who can help explain what is happening.

It's no wonder you feel exhausted when you are feeling this way. It's important you get some help.

Tally xx

#4 Kathryn



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Posted 31 December 2006 - 12:59 AM


I agree with Tally that you need to get some help straight away. Can your mother and sister help by coming with you to your GP or local hospital? You could print out what you have posted here to help explain what's going on.

K x

#5 butterfingersbimbo


    Mt Blanc

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Posted 02 January 2007 - 12:22 PM

i think if your gp is not listening to you you need to go to the hospital and get them to refer you to a psychiatrist who will be able to assess you properly and get you the proper help / meds that you need chic. this must be awful for you, i really dont think that this gp is helping you at all....you also need to see if you can change your gp. i hope that things have improved for you in the last couple of days, i dont know much about BP but it sounds like it could be a possibility. hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif

#6 florrie


    Ben Nevis

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Posted 02 January 2007 - 03:31 PM

Thank you for replies and advice i will go next week and explain reaction to seroxat and try and explain once more but have felt so unwell can't explain exactly very well.

My sister has told me to go to A and E iand get seen that way but my phobia is so bad i t is really making things worse but i know I have to go and try and explain.

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#7 florrie


    Ben Nevis

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Posted 04 January 2007 - 08:33 AM

I decided to go to A and E my ex partner thought i should, they were very nice but the junior doctor did not think it sounded like typical manic depression, if the last psychiatrist i saw hadn't dx it, and just anxiety, and could not refer me to a psychiatrist as there weren't any he couldn't prescibe the anti convulsant anti depressant meds i believe i need either, but they monitored my heart but I don't know why, which although was racing,rhythm was fine, they were considering admitting me for further tests, but they would of been of a physical nature which i doubt is the problem they admitted me to wait for registrar decision on what to do and ihad been in there 12 hours and felt so stressed i discharged myself. Ken told me to stay and be compliant because otherwise it is more evidence of me a being difficult and just go along with it but i couldn't I was afraid they were going to keep me in overnight i have all my obssession and routines so I just couldn't and i felt so stressed. Ken then screamed abuse at me and said i would have seen a psychiatrist if i'd stayed, but the doctor had already said they didn't have any, so i'm really confused

Ijust can't understand why they didn't measure my brain for activity with eeg or send me to psychaitrist I feel really distressed, everything is completely chaotic as i can't cope and

MY Gp is on holday until the 20th i have no others I can see i was struck the last practice after sucide attempt when on seroxat and manic behaviour one doctor who i'd never seen but head of practice said i was attempting suicide to harm doctors and this predjudice has followed me, my gp will not accept my asd dx ( iexpect they think i did it to harm doctors) my last gp blocked my referalls to people who would help including my son's psychologist so i couldn't see him any more i felt like thumping him although i wouldn't,my anger is all internallised which is why ifeel so illprobably.

some of my problems have arisen becaue i'm under threat of losing benefits and i can't get down to the job centre due to phobia, my dla has run out and my ex partner has been too stressed with my difficulties and work to help and so haven't been able to renew it, and the dx criteria for generlised anxiety disorder is worry about non existent things, which i don't feel my things are non existent.

THe seroxat was also considered tohave damaged my brain at the time and i've been left with residual stuff which difficult to pick from asd which i know i had before as ihad hyperlexia although hyperlexia is now considered not an asd but has asd symtpoms.

this is really rambly because of all the detail i go into to try and explain things. and also because i was trying to find out things to help but I still feel really unwell. perhaps some people especaily boys with asd externalise there anger with behaviour problems, but if it is internalised it causes more mental health probs but ifeel agitated and frustrated and it is reallly bad and feels awful

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#8 yoyo



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Posted 04 January 2007 - 11:10 AM


I hope you can get the help you so badly need. I fully identify with how you reacted in the hospital and with how you internalise your anger. hug.gif


#9 florrie


    Ben Nevis

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Posted 05 January 2007 - 06:21 AM

Thank you, i remembered i had a blood test too and he said they might want me to do further tests before refering me to psychiatrist, to make sure things haven't got a physical origin as my coordination is all up the creek, ( which i assumed was seroxat overdose) but the registrar would make decision about further treatment but i never got to see registar because i got confused and wondered what they were doing, i dont really know i got very stressed and paranoid and now i realise i've blown my chance to get help and i don't know why i did that.

I'm begining to wonder if food allergies are making me worse because i am a lot better mentally if i stick to very restricted diet,but then that becomes an obsession too and i believe the more i restict the more i'll improve, and i've eaten gluten and dairy foods recently in the last two months. I'm going to try cutting that all out again. Iknow it doesn't seem to be recognised by medical profession, I don't know why

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#10 Goody


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Posted 16 June 2009 - 11:38 AM

Hi all,

SSRI was too strong for me when I was medicated. However it may good for some patients. So, it is really difficult
which meds are good for us. I just try one or two days and see what's happens even if they(here in Japan, University hospital)
psychiatrists give us one month from the beginning. It is dark side of the reality of medication here in Japan at University hospital.


#11 trekster


    Mt McKinley

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Posted 19 April 2014 - 07:21 PM

Have you managed to get some help for your mental health problems? I know antidepressants just make me more depressed so I really cant take them.



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