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  1. i had the lovely lady from PP come over and help me do mine......it said of all the reasons why i felt that el needed extra support in school, and gave examples of things that had happend in the past.
  2. am worried about you all as i cant see any starts anywhere!!!!
  3. have you had the hob nobs with the choccie stuff in the middle? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm have got avg and ran that and it found some worms and got rid of them.....fingers crossed that they dont return! thanks dude!
  4. oh dear......does he carry a brick around?????
  5. argh that really takes the mick!!!! but i hope that now that you have finally got it you can use it to kick the LEA's bottom very very hard.....
  6. cant say better than the others chic but well done for going for it!!!
  7. oo you're so mean!!!! every time el wants something and i say no all i hear is "you're so selfish, you got an i pod"..........i think i will still be hearing that in ten years time......
  8. i'm so glad el is older now lol! i had to watch it the other week with my nephew (yes, autistic!!!) and it really creeped me out.......
  9. aw chic! <'> it sounds like this new doc is much more interested in helping you, i hope that you get the answers you are looking for.
  10. loads of <'> from me too! hang on in there!
  11. omg how scary that must have been for you all! am so relieved that he is on the mend, <'> to you all!
  12. i didn't realise that there was a conection being made to autism! its so sad that this could happen but have to agree with a previous post that you know its going to be in america before you hear that it was, and you also know its going to take up most of the news when there are other bigger things going on in the world.......
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