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  1. Hang on in there TM, I too have been through real bad dark days, where not only did I break down in tears and thought that was it, with me the thought of someone coming to take my son away because we could not cope really was frightening and then was when I broke down. A few months later I had alopecia due to the never dark bad time we had virtually managed to somehow find strength and got through. now if we hit a bad patch I just think back to that dark time and think we got through it and made it and this seems small compared to that time and it always gives me the strength to carry on. I hope you find your strength and get through this difficult time of yours , my thoughts are with you and like other posters who have replied we are all here for you.
  2. I am sorry but I feel the need for a rant again lol, Sky news have news report about people paying for child support and going to work and basically they are worse off than before, but nowhere not anywhere do they mention the costs for a qualified carer for childcare with children with special needs, again they are forgotten about, when is this country going to take into account these people. I mean there might be some that want to go back to work if they don't already. Rant over sorry !
  3. I'm coping Kirstie one way or another lol, how are things your end ? Look forward to chatting with you during the chat hour, what do you think of the albums ?
  4. I have had the luxury of meeting Jordan and have found her to be quite knowledgeable when it comes to autism, lets just say I did not care much for her until I met her, got the book and the sig to prove it LOL, she is a genuine person at the end of the day.
  5. Hi Wits Well it just so happens we have also had a new school nurse this term as well, so that has not helped, as I have mentioned before we had none of these problems before with the old teacher, yes my son would come home with bottoms the school had put him because he had an accident, but they were not pull up pads or anything like that, they have letters from the GP regarding the IBS, 2 in fact last term for the old teacher and nurse and then this term when the teacher thought it was contagious, my GP is doing a letter about the epilepsy for me to take to the meeting, his pead goes into school to see my son , and he goes every 3 months I think it is, but I will be contacting him, he did work together with the old school nurse buti am not sure how he his with this nurse.
  6. Yes Lyn I understand but I will least give the Mp the benefit of the doubt, I do know the MP personally anyway, so hopefully this might help, trust me I will be back to see her if it doesn't. This is the first proposal and it will most probarbly be changed again and agian and then of course the bill has to be passed, I will post the details of the reply on here and let you know what i am going to do next . Are you planning to see your MP at all ?
  7. I have just gor back from seeing my MP and after explaining about my son, I asked her several questions which she took on board. Questions like the vulnerable people that are told to go into work , will the work place be police checked, who decides who should not be on the benefit and should be ? She did say that more money will be going into helping disabled people but could not confirm that it would be the savings made from these proposals. Yes she amitted that there are probarbly gonna be some mistakes but this is only the first proposal, and also suggested that people without disabilities should be educated better as this would help if people with disabilities go to work, I explained how people stare or say something when I am walking down the road with my son, and basically how hard it could be for some people to be working in an environment with others that do not understand. She has taken all points of view and concern down and is contacting the minister and then I should hear from them soon. I also told her that NAS recommended that anyone with concerns over this matter should lobby their MP.
  8. Thanks for the support, my son seems to be fine and his sleeping pattern is slowly but surely getting back to normal, but he is a bit out of sorts now his routine has been aletered yet again. Yes the head says he will be involved with this now and will be at the meeting next month.
  9. Where do I start, I don't know, the other week my son was off school for a week with the dreaded cold, his sleeping then went all out of shape. Anyway he went back to school last monday and comes home wearing the pull up incontinent pads, which we had already stated at my son review last month, that we were dead against it unless of course he had a severe day with his IBS, in which case the school would want to send him home if it was that bad, just to add that this new teacher had started putting these on my son without the parents consent in the first place, to which annoyed us. We wrote in saying we did not want him in the pants as we saw it as a step backwards, shhe replied that she did not see it as a step backwards and was going to arrange a meeting with us , with which she , the school nurse, us and an incontinence advisor would attend . It has taken us over 13 years to get my son out of these pads and yes he is still not brilliant and will have the odd accident, which we just get on with and carry on moving forward. anyway the teacher said some days he will go to the toilet every 15 - 20 minutes and even then sometimes will have an accident and wet on the floor and this raises health and safety concerns. The old teacher never had any concerns like this, anyway I spoke to the head yesterday regarding my worries as I said that if they are putting in these pads with or without our consent how often are they changing him , I mean if he is wetting himself any 15 - 20 minutes are they changing him straight away or leaving him until break time for example, cause surely if they are changing him every time he goes, then they still have to spend the same time with him. Anyway another thing happenned on thursday after being in the school for 10 minutes the school nurse phoned me up and aid they were concerned about my son and they might send him home, he had his epilepsy tremors and looked quite pale , after explaining to them that my son has only had fits upon waking and that tremors were made worse by the medication to stop the fits and that some days he has the tremors good, or badly and even some days not at all, I also explained that the neurologist did not think it was a good idea yet to place my son on medication to stop the tremors yet until the fitting was under control and unless it stopped my son leading a normal life. Anyway I suggested to the school nurse to give my son an hour and let me know how things were then, basically the teacher wanted to send him home because they thought he was going to have a fit, even though they the medication at school for him. Anyway around 4 hours later the school phoned and suggested he could come home but suggested that we could still let him go to his respite care that night as he was do to go, when my son arrived we found a letter from his teacher saying she thought he had a urine infection , after a visit to the GP we found he was all clear. I have spoken to the head teacher to arrange a meeting next month to discuss all this as I think the new teacher does has the understanding at all and knows nothing about coping with a child with Epilepsy or IBS so wish me luck !
  10. Well I am off to see my MP tommorrow regarding the proposed changes to the Incapacity benefit, also this was recommended by NAS as well, so wish me luck !
  11. Well the non celeb won, from what I seen of it she did look like a blonde bimbo.
  12. My wife was induced 20 days after her due date and her apgar score was 0/10 which is surposed to be the worst score, they said that the waters when they broke really smelt and perhaps the baby had been distressed in some way.
  13. I read this yesterday and have just scanned a national newspaper and even been checking Sky News and there is no mention of it, considering what could happen if the families won this case I thought at least there would be a bit in the Daily Mirror regarding this or even a mention on Sky news.
  14. Strange Girl Good points, but as you know Jade Goody or whatever her name was a nobody until Big Brother, and surely the idea of a Celebrity Big Brother is that all the contestants are knownand have been in the public eye one way or another, no matter how big or small before going into the hous. Chantelle never did, perhaps they should call all the shows including the ones with Joe public in celebrity Big Brother, I mean come on how can you have a nobody winning a celebrity show, it is a bit like the Harlem Globetrotters winning the FA Cup final of football LOL !
  15. I am only bumping this up as people did not have chance to read it last time as it went off the first page quicker than lightnening
  16. Microsoft I know people can search for it but sometimes when people come on here they have not got much time and they just check the first page or post a thread asking for help and advice and come back within a few minutes to see what replies they have and their thread is not going to be there if you keep posting threads like these are they and that way people are not gonna get the help or advice they need and I am sure you would not want that and that you will agree that helping someone is more important than bumping up threads for your rating ?
  17. Microsoft I don't know if you realise this but every time you start a thread like this on the board you are knocking another thread off the top , a kind of thread that perhaps people are asking for advice ?
  18. I agree with you 100% Phasmid, also when the minister was reading out his proposed changes he said we have to see pass the disability and look at the skill, surely people should be looking passed the disability anyway and looking and talking to the person inside , not just looking pass the disability to get them off the benefit !
  19. Mother In need have you popped in for the chat hours yet ?
  20. Yes I would love to know more details on how this Youth Club works has well, it sounds pretty interesting !
  21. Just thought i would pose an idea by the Current Celebrity Big Brother series, I must admits I have seen some of it, not really interested myself but I was thinking that what if the one that was not a celebrity, It's the dumb blonde girl who thought Dundee was in Wales, I think her name is Chantelle. Just that if she goes and wins it then are Big Brother breaking any advertiements rules, could they be done for false advertising, because until she went in there she was not a celebrity at all just another Joe Public, for those people that say well she is a celebrity now because of Big Brother , then surely the shows where the contestants are all Joe Public must be called Celebrity Big Brother after the first show ! False advertising, or have big brother lost the plot I mean how can anyone from Joe Public win a celebrity contest ? Just thought it might be good to open it up after I heard on my local radio about a punter who had placed abet on who to win and that he would take action against Big brother if a non celeb won ? What do you think ?
  22. Well I am going to see my MP at her surgery a week on saturday, you know when she stood during the last General Election I kept asking her what the government were doing for carers and she kept saying read the manifesto, I just replied if it was important to you as education or health you would of read up on it, the press were there and everything, I had her tied in knots, so I think she knows what she is in store for !
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