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  1. i have the same prblem but also with my bowel as well if im really in to what im doing its like theres simply no controal but everything else is fine so i wear adult nappies to deal with it to and im 20
  2. WOW thanks all wasent expecting replys so soon lol offten i will try out all your idea's see wich one works wish me luck
  3. i got aspergers as you all know my question is how do i chat girls up and how do i go about getting a girlfrend i dont dance as im rubbish at it and i dont sing as i go beat red when singing so clubbing is out the window i think ? my last relationship dident go well at all we argued all the time she had a panic disorder and i just whanted to keep her smiling all the time i took the saying "i will do anything for love"(from the song) way to litrally and almost ended in jail her familey hates me and she hates me but in recent months i have relised im happier with out her on my mind all the time but im 19 and i need to move on i therefor wish to have another go at finding a girlfrend i dont know how to chat girls up and i tend to blab but nowa days i have developed away to figure out if im blabbing if i been talking for a while i will just randomly put in the middle of a sentence the phrase "and now im just blabbing arnt i ?" and smile when i say it but as for chatting girls up half the time i dont know what to talk about in the past people have told me to just go up to the girl i wanna chat up and introduce myself and start chatting but this has offten resulted in the girl just getting up and walking off i try to look good more nowadays and i were jeans now in stead of tracky bottoms recently started shaving as well any tips ? i really wanna be able to chat girls up like robbie williams or edie muphy
  4. ok sorry bout that baddad note to all will not tell any how to post image's
  5. its not allowed but can be done pm me with details of what you whant and i will send u the code
  6. if its asking you for a password before windows starts loading then thats a bios password to cleaer you need to reset the bios. to do that make shure you ground youself first by wearing an anti static wrist band or wrapping a bit of bare wire round your wrist and conecting the other end of the wire to a cold water pipe then turn computer off disconect from mains and open the computer up locate the bios battary (round silvery object) and find the jumper switch near it (3 pins two of witch will be coverd with a black conecter block) note the current position of the jumper switch remove the conecter block (you can use tweezers or hand just pull straight up and try not to drop it they are hard to find if you drop them) and replace on the middile pin and the pin that was free before and leve for 5- 10 minites remove conecter block and replace in original position close computer up leve it for 5 min and start up the bios password will now be gone in order to set a password to prevent the kids doing it again press del on keyboard repetidaly as soon as comp starts to go in to bios then look for an option that says ask for boot password or require boot password you can set it up in there if you like on the first page when you go in to the bios you can set the system time as that will have been wiped with the bios reset as well the system time is bassicaly the same time as the current time if its a windows password while booting comp up repeatidly press f8 to eneter the boot options menu then select safe mode then wait for windows to load you will have acsess to admin account go to c: documents and settings/ then right click on the user name you whant to get into go to security and go to permishons make shure all permishons are alloowed then go to advanced change the owner name to the name of the account u whant to get in to and the child object name to that of the name of the account your in (Administrator) then dissalow all permishons to administrater windows will ask you to specify administrive rights restart the computer normaly and go to c: documents and settings then right click of the account you what to get in to then go to security and make shure all permishons are selected and click apply windows will again say no administrive rights specified click ok windows will ask you if you whant to select an administrater click yes and chose the account your trying to get in to then you will be able to enter a fresh password. restart the computer and go to safe mode then go to c:documents and settings right click on the Administrator folder and go to security go to advanced and set as owner then restart your computer normaly and your done
  7. theniel's kinda got it this error is a memory error but not from the hard drive (diffrent syntax for hd error's) this is a problem with the ram c000021a is a binary hex code for a service of some kind and Oxc0000185 is a binary hex code for the status of the physical area's on the ram that were being used, while (0x00000000 0x00000000) is the physical address of the file that caused the error to solve this you need to download a program capable of interrpreting the raw signals from the ram and converting it in to text (in simple terms) there used to be a program called memgeni256 im not shure if its still around but bassicaly if you type hex interrpriter in to google you should be able to find something once you get the prgram it will ask you for the physical address of the file you whant to decompile just copy and paste (0x00000000 0x00000000) in to the box and make shure you select bool the program will then scan the file and tell you were the error is occuring# the trick to this tecnique though is saving the sesults before your computer shuts dowen again. (if the error occurs before the desktop loads up you can get a dos based hex interpriter that you can put on a floppy disk or solid state mem pen drive is its a dos based hex interrpriter dont need to worry about the computer shutting dowen the program (if you find a decent one like memgeni256) will give you futer instructions afta that
  8. simple an engine error in any program (not just norton programs) refers to an error in the core of the program (the bit that makes everything else works) simple souloution uninstall norton clear your internet browser memory restart computer reinstall norton restart computer and toms your uncle if that dont sort it out send me a msg
  9. ok heres the deal ive got a placment and funding and a room at Queen alaxandra college in birmingham (autisim college) i whent there before for 3 quaters of a term but i came back to be with my gf (been seeing her for just under 2 years now)i love her very much but she has had a bad past with bf's mistreating her and abuse and wot not anyway her parents dont aproove of her seeing me and my mum is just coming to terms with the idea as it is but the thing is she hasent told her parents she is still in love with me she has an anxity disorder, agrophobia, depreshion and panic attacks and is scared of telling her parents since she thinks that they will stop loving her and that she will make them sad all the time if she tells them so bassicaly she whants to be just frend because she thinks she has no other option i know she still loves me because shes told me now when i whent to the college before she thought i was leaving her (one of her previous bf's whent to cyprus with out telling her and he just left her and she hasent herd from him since) so thats why i came back also when i whent to the college before i wasent happy there anyway i kept crying alot because i missed her well to cut a long story short i am scared stiff of upsetting her to the point were i have started getting panic attacks and that is now leading to me getting agrophobia i whant to be strong for her but i know that at the moment i am not i made so many plans for me and her getting married, getting a house and starting a family i know i am in no position to support a kid my gf and myself as im on benifits and my maths is ###### my question is should i go to the college or not if i stayed here i would do a maths course and some other courses to get some qualifications as well as get myself a part time job and then eventually go to the local uni here and get a desent full time job at the end of it if i whent it would be 3 years away from my gf and i would get high end qualifications then i would be sent to the uni in birmingham on this special program the college run wich would be another 3 years away from her i love her very much and am more then willing to give up a really good education for an ok education just to be with her all my life i have been obbsessed with computers its all i ever wanted to do for a job but since i met her 2 years ago i dont really care what job i get as long as we can get by on the money it gives us im sorry for dumping all this on hear but i need to vent someware and my mum dont understand she keeps saying that if my gf really loves me then she will wait but my mum dosent understand the situation at all she thinks my gf is just immature she dosent relise she has a diagnosed anxity disorder, agrophobia, chronic depreshion and panic attacks wich have all been diagnosed be her gp my gf's parents hate me they know i have aspergers syndrome but as far as they are concernd im shure i cry alot but i never had a real frend that cared about me like my gf ok she is my first gf but what happand between me and her the first time we saw each other was a mirrical and i instantly beleved in god the moment i saw her (i used to beleve in science) i know some might say im infactuated well ive been infactuated before this is nothing like it i think about her all the time i cant get her out of my head she is constintly there in my head to the point were it can be anoying i love her very much and would do anything for her but like the meat loaf song goes and thing i wont do is simple i wont cheat that is the only thing i wouldent do for her i mean i love her so much i have eaven changed myself i have lost weight and gone through hell going to the gym for her, ive gone through eaven more hell giving up smoking and ive gotten rid of a fetish i used to have for her now those 3 things i have changed in myself were all stress manigment teqniques i used to have eating smoking and (Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) {cant say it on here) now i have become so stressed that i have started having panic attacks and thats making me agrophobic i havent been out of my room in 3 days apart from to use the loo and every time i do that i start shaking like hell ive stopped eating all i take in nowadays is camp coffe (milk and camp coffie mixed together) THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BECOME
  10. i still have problems like that and im 18 so dont worry about it to much i just wear pads you should just give ur ds some pads to wear and tell her to try and go to the toilet every half hoer like i do
  11. ive always repaird mother boards that i have had that have gone wrong myself this mother board is the victem of a pwersurge so some of the magor components like the chips and cpu holder are bunt out in the past when one of my mobo's has gone wrong it has ushually been a capaciter or solinoid so i just replace the components and it has always worked out cheaper for me then just replacing the whole mobo i dont whant to buy a second hand mobo to replace this mobo or to get parts of it as that would be more expensive electronics parts are very cheap and so are computer chips but it is finding out were to get them thats the problem ive already estimated that the total amount of money i will probberbly need to spend will be no more then 10 quid so it will be very cheap to do it this way i just need to know were to buy the parts from
  12. i am doing a mager circut repair on one of my old mobos (not as difficult as it sounds) i have replace 12 burnt out capaciters and several solinoids but i now need to find an Z56-JB EEPROM chip (x8) , a intell xeon 546000-23000CX north bridge controller chip, a ASROCK J000@001CF CMOS chip, a sock 939 cpu holder wilth elivation locking mech, a audioloigy 587772046 sound controller and a pnnpn type intell 78999X transister if any one could help me find any of these parts i would be very gratfull
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