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  1. Hello debbie28, The EarlyBird Plus programme, both Jean and I did this last year, we had the school senco come along which was good as it was a new role for her, gave her a little more insight I feel. I would hope you should benefit from attending the course, if you have a recent dx for your child you will get some answers to questions you may have. On the course they do tend to generalise about ASD conditions, once you are aware yourself of the differences, you will begin to apprieciate that they are as different as they are similar. Steve..
  2. Welcome to the forum, you will hopefully benifit much from your Early Bird course, as your childs Diagnosis is quite recent. Baddad states you should indeed find it very useful which I am sure you shall, generalities are often made in reference on the course. However the picture will soon become somewhat clearer as time passes you will then see for yourself, that children on the spectrum are infact as much alike as they are different . Steve..
  3. Hello everyone, Here are a couple of dementia forum url?s hope these are of help http://www.psychforums.com/viewforum.php?f=217& http://eldercare.infopop.cc/groupee/forums...rm/f/3226084151 http://www.ageconcern.org.uk/discuss/messa...3&threadid=2616 Steve..
  4. Hello Board, It would now would seem that you have been told YES she is on the autistic spectrum, Asperger Syndrome is the area of the spectrum at which it she fits best. Steve..
  5. Tragic tale of love and death turned into a TV drama THEIR ordeal touched the hearts of every parent in Merseyside. Now the tragic story of suicide pact couple Bill and Wendy Ainscow has been made into a prime-time drama for ITV. Mysterious Creatures stars Timothy Spall as jailed postmaster Bill, and Oscar-winner Brenda Blethyn is long-suffering Wendy. The 90-minute drama tells the story of how their family was torn apart by daughter Lisa's Asperger syndrome and her addiction to spending money. for the rest of the artcle use link http://icliverpool.icnetwork.co.uk/0100new...-name_page.html Steve..
  6. Hello Nursey, I have a question, are many/most people in A&E aware of conditions like Asperger Syndrome and ASD's as a whole and the possible implications that having an ASD may have on behaviour while attending a visit to a busy and noisey environment. For instance my son has Hyperacusis which will bother him and others with this condition to the point of sensory overload, others are bothered by the extremely bright lighting and smells that go hand in hand with hospitals, again all of these can be contributing factors to a sensory overload. Are there rooms/ areas which can be made available to people with ASD's like relative rooms or are these few and far between. Also the use of a Pecs visual system would be nice for explaining things, as it can be a confusing time for most of us and it would be nice to think of as a standard through all hospitals. It is not, and I do appreciate always possible to cater for everyone, however an ASD child or adult in a complete full blown sensory overload may actually empty the waiting room quicker than anticipated so we can come in handy for getting triage numbers down somewhat <grins>. Steve..
  7. Hello Everyone, Personally I feel the brain can indeed be trained, Albert Einstien posssibly one of the greatest minds of our time knew quite well, infact reasearch has since proved that the brain works like a muscle, as such it can be trained like one. Below I have placed a few links on various sites relative to brain gym, not just used for children and adults with any learning difficulties brain gym training is now often used for by people from all backgrounds education to the arts, business, healthcare, sport and therefore enhancing personal development. http://www.braingym.org.uk/ http://www.learning-solutions.co.uk/brain_gym.php http://www.standards.dfes.gov.uk/thinkings...565248?view=get Steve..
  8. Hello everyone, Firstly Timelord, I would like to point out Asperger syndrome is a developmental disorder, Schizophrenia is a personality disorder if you would like to check on this first it may help you clarify a few things. Also that the additional diagnosis of Schizophrenia is made only if prominent delusions or hallucinations are also present for at least a month there is however a link between Schizophrenia and Pervasive Developmental Disorders which come under the Asperger Autistic spectrum of things. There is a big difference between someone as you say throwing furniture out of the window, which could be just as easily be someone having a massive sensory overload attack, than someone who is having a psychotic attack as in schizophrenia. These people when having these attacks cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy, once again you should check this against the diagnostic criteria. When I as an Asperger am having a sensory overload session, even though I am Completely stressed out I am very much aware that I am not in a world of fantasy. With regards to the statement 90% of AS sufferers go on to develop Schizophrenia, this is absolutely ridiculous, Experts it would seem are few and far between, judging by the information your experts are sending you away with, there is no hope for any of us!!!!!!!. It is well documented that these so called doctors when looking at criteria to diagnose these disorders have asked the question to the patient " do you hear voices", it is likely that the person with Aspergers would reply "yes", because of the literal thinking, this is why there has been so many mistakes in the past. Hopefully Timelord on reading this post I would hope you will see the importance of having in front of you ALL of the relevant information at hand before making an assumption. Everyone seems to think that just because Doctors have letters after their names we have to believe everything they say, I would say that living with Aspergers all my life and the other people who have ASD's etc, this makes us the experts to a certain extent. Steve..
  9. Hello nikrix, Nice to hear from you again, It sounds very much like your daughter is experiencing Synaesthesia, Researchers think that it might derive from an early age. Babies have been said to perceive the world like a Synaesthete, with mixed senses, because their brains are not completely developed. Synaesthesia apparently occurs approx eight times more often in women. It is more common to see numbers and letters, but I suppose as it is more common in females then perhaps your daughter is more finely tuned than others , some numbers and smells with me produce colours. Steve..
  10. for care blunders David Bell, Birmingham Mail THE city council was made to pay ?5,000 compensation to one of its own officials because of the incompetence of its social services department. In a damning report, Local Government Ombudsman Anne Seex hit the department with four charges of maladministration over its treatment of an autistic teenager and his carer. "I am concerned the serious failings I have identified in this case may not represent an isolated example of maladministration but may be symptomatic of a system with inherent weakness," she warned. The case concerned a teenager with Asperger's Syndrome in the council's care who was moved out of a hostel after starting a fire. He was put in lodgings run by a council official who was not told the extent of the teenager's problems - particularly his record of self-harm - and soon found herself acting as a full-time carer. for the rest of the article use the link http://icbirmingham.icnetwork.co.uk/0100ne...#story_continue Steve..
  11. NEW BOOK BOOST FOR CHILDREN WITH AUTISM A national health charity has today revealed it has teamed up with a leading publisher and entertainment firm to create a new fundraising book that aims to help children with autism understand facial expressions. After scooping the support of a leading entertainment producer, the National Autistic Society has joined forces with publishers Egmont UK to create a new book featuring children's favourite Thomas the Tank Engine. Hit Entertainment has paved the way for the charity to use the popular character in the new book, entitled "How do you feel, Thomas?", which is about facial expressions and their corresponding emotions. And, chiefs at the company have agreed to donate 30p from the sale of each book to the work of the National Autistic Society (NAS). The book aims to reach out to children living with autism who may have particular difficulty understanding emotions by connecting Thomas and his friends feeling happy, sad, excited, scared, angry and surprised with the corresponding facial expression. for the rest of this article http://www.communitynewswire.press.net/article.jsp?id=271587 Steve..
  12. You are important melly, just as we all are, many voices whispered can indeed be heard loud from afar. Steve..
  13. Hello everyone, Nellie the Zilo Smellkiller from QVC is great, both Taylor and myself find smells sometimes really too much gagging and stuff, we even have the family hunting around trying to find the offending smells then they get stressed in the process while we also get stressed trying to describe it, I think my partner is overjoyed at finding this, it helps quite considerably, given the fact that we can both smell an unwrapped chocolate from two room away at home! it works wonders . Steve..
  14. Hello Lindy, Sensory integration therapy initially developed for children with sensory defensiveness- excessive /negative reaction to what would be termed ordinary sensory inputs. Usually carried out by an OT. Set of exercises which may involve a varied range of sensory stimuli i.e., materials of differing textures, smells, lights, swings , balls, and even massage it is something that has in actual fact been around for quite sometime. My son and I are sensitive to sound there are quite a few Asperger folk I know of with this particular problem called Hyperacusis which is an abnormal acuteness of hearing due to increased irritability of the sensory neural mechanism; characterized by intolerance for ordinary sound levels. This can sometimes be for him a contributing factor to his sensory overloads, due to the fact some sounds can be unbearable and others just really hurt. We are soon to see a hearing consultant, I am also aware of a CD which is possible to purchase called Pink Noise which is basically white noise cleaned up, the result is pink noise which is then used to build up a tolerance to the everyday sound of white noise. A good resource site on the subject of Hyperaccusis its research and treatment can be found on http://www.hyperacusis.org hope this is of interest. Steve..
  15. Hello everyone, My opinion is I believe personally, that ASD's are genetic in their causation and as such gentic autism will always have a part to play within the great debate. However enviromental autism, which I also feel to be present within some people also has it's part to play as a causation itself. We are exposed to various chemicals and toxins which must at some stage, have an adverse affect on the body so therefore be at least a contributing factor, along with the pesticides, these products must enter the water table and as such enter the body. Most people are quite able to excrete these by natural means but there will be a certain amount of us that may not, and the result may indeed be enviromentally caused autism this is my personal opinion, the whole debate is and always will be a complex one. Perhaps then the rise in numbers worldwide is a combination of these reasons and also because professionals now have a better understanding thus leading to a diagnosis. Whatever its causation, what needs to be addressed is awareness of the condition, enabeling a better understanding and acceptance of ASD's as a whole by the majority of people. Steve..
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