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  1. xmas cake SEMTEX cake!!!! and mince pies! Mince pies Im quite pleased for first attempts
  2. Cake no 3!!! Cake no 3 Still got ingredients to make 1 more!!
  3. shop mince pies are grim compared to proper ones!! Even the M&S ones arent that good! I remember from like 14 years ago the ones my legal guardians would make with a homemade shortcrust pastry that was yummy.
  4. cool that you actually get a more practical card sized certificate!! The prescription one i got from the navy was an A4 sheet!
  5. have you seen the price of the stuff in shops??? you really pay a premium for what is basically mostly sugar!!!
  6. I was planning on making my own marzipan and fondant icing.
  7. ahh but thats cheating!!! plus im not in control of how it tastes them!! its how the company decides its meant to taste. plus im not impressed when you see the rip off price for premade pastry compared to making your own. Yes its the first cake ive made!! I have made crumble before though. erm whats wrong with using milk?? Why does it burn?? I shall have the fire extinguisher ready
  8. I have 2 rolling pins so i want to make my own pastry!!! I dont want the cake to be sloshing with alcohol!!!!! Wouldnt want to get done for drink driving after one slice
  9. Thanks everyone!! got another 2 cakes to make!! then i need to work out how to make a nice shortcrust pastry for mince pies as from what i understand you just go nuts with pasty, throw in mince, top with pastry then burn in the oven. so in theory should be simple.............
  10. I decided to have a go at making a cake for Christmas. Took me ages to find all the ingredients as the stupid supermarket keeps changing where they put everything on the shelves just to annoy me!!! Anyway i eventually found everything i needed so proceeded to follow instructions!! The first long job was cutting up loads of almonds! almonds And then mixing all the dry ingredients and the masses of fruit!!! the cake is more fruit than anything else it seems!! Fruit mixture I then did the sugar and butter which i had to beat until "fluffy"!!! Erm.... i had to get someone to explain that to me as to me fluffy is like cats/bunnys fur and i couldnt visualise how a cake should be fluffy!!!! But i got there in the end. Fluffy mixture I then mixed it all together and added the brandy!!!! it seems quite a lot of brandy!! and i am supposed to add more in the next few weeks. cake mix I then had to grease the tin. Now the instructions didnt tell you what kind of grease and i couldnt see any "Grease" for sale in the shop!!! I was thinking of the copper grease in the garage but its toxic and doesnt taste very nice so i didnt use that!! I rung someone up and asked them to find out then spooned it all into the pan. cake tin And then to the oven for hours!! the oven!! After 2 hours i had to bring it out for greaseproof paper to go on top cooking cake!! And i then had to test it with a spike until it came out clean, then i let it cool down on a wire rack!! done I have to foil wrap it once its cool and then feed it with more brandy over next few weeks!!! :robbie: :robbie: :robbie:
  11. this is great news!!! Its pretty amazing for a 20 year old to be buying his first house especially in these times!!! Shows what he can achieve despite his difficulties!!! I wouldnt worry too much about the DVLA. They would have to have a pretty good reason to take his license. In most cases they allow you to continue to drive while the DVLA carries out its medical investigations. Aspergers is not in itself a bar to driving, its more about his specific behaviour and as youve said, hes far more responsible than your average 20 year old driver.
  12. Warren is interested in this. Now im a looser/lazy/dirty/alcoholic/broke/STD ridden/Work shy/(insert student stereotype here) student, i have christmas holidays off and most weekends too.
  13. hopefully it went ok!! I was really scared when i had the "support time recovery worker" person round for a while. But you will get used to them eventually.
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