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  1. LGBTQ Emotional Wellbeing group went well this evening. A lot to think about....

  2. I would bring up any concerns that you have with the assessment. You should get a draft copy of the needs assessment report before it is finalised. It has to work for you really so if there are things that you think are a concern that haven't been addressed I would bring it up. Oops just looked at the date, hope that you managed to sort everything out.
  3. Mine is now Indefinite Higher Rate Care and Higher Rate Mobility. With the physical disabilities as well as ASD I should be on Enhanced for both in PIP
  4. Have the brother-in-law over for the weekend. Having a great time.

    1. Mannify


      Brothers-in-law are cool :)

    2. ScienceGeek


      Indeed! Mine is very funny and like having him around :) He lives on the other side of the country so don't get to see him very often.

    3. Mannify


      I like mine a lot, too. We giggle.

  5. I have a very small head. I'm 28 but a lot of my hats are for 8-10 years old. Adult hats are far too big for my head!
  6. I fear I may be in the minority but I cannot stand the usage of aspie/autie. It feels rather childish to me. I find it really difficult to see past the usage of it, which is really annoying because a lot of the ASD related forums that I go on the majority of people on there use them. I think it makes light of the diagnosis. I respect that people can identify however they like but would rather that people not refer to me as such
  7. Not too badly this year. I've done the majority of mine already! Just a few little bits to pick up. I've wrapped presents for dad, step-mum, brother and sister as I'm going over there in a couple of weeks so needed to have it done before I go there.
  8. My experiences of the NAS have been rather mixed. I was a member of their social groups in Bristol and the way that they pulled out when the funding was no longer available was disastrous, they gave us very little notice that it was going to happen and we are still trying to recover from the fallout (18 months later). Not to say that the groups were perfect because the way that they facilitated the groups wasn't brilliant either. They didn't treat their volunteers very well either and have had a lot of complaints from support workers and volunteers alike about the way that they run things. The outreach service provides my support 8hrs a week and it has it's good and bad sides. They have been chronically understaffed for a long time now, yet I don't see that they are making much effort to improve that situation. As soon as they gain a new member of staff, one leaves! It doesn't help that the pay level is so low that a lot of people are put off doing the job. So they never actually get more staff in. Their communication at times has been shoddy to say the least (support turning up late with no warning, last minute cancellations, incorrect information regarding rota times and so on). They have also been rather good at times as well, trying to accommodate all the things I need to go to so that I have support for the important things. They are slowly improving on the communication side of things and I give feedback regularly. They have definitely improved in the 3 years that I have been using them. My alternatives to NAS support would be Brandon Trust (Learning Disabilities) or Second Step (Mental Health), neither of them I've heard particularly good things about locally. So yeah mixed experience with them really.
  9. Travel sickness can be related to the poor balance often experienced by an autistic population. Travel sickness bands sea-bands can be helpful i find but after a while they dig into my wrists.
  10. I can relate to this. I used to be this way when I was in my teens and early twenties, it's only been the last few years that I haven't needed constant reassurance.
  11. Although the 16hrs is the maximum you can do there is also a maximum amount of money you can earn too and that amount is not very much.
  12. You can claim ESA or JSA and live at home with parents. I think it's only HB you can't claim while living with parents as it will already be covered if your parents are getting housing benefit themselves. Yes you are right about working tax credits, you can only claim it if you are working a minimum of 16hrs for disabled people. I would definitely contact the job centre as there are some complicated rules when it comes to permitted work, has to be below a certain amount of hours and money. Unfortunately as seems to be the case if autistic people do get ESA they are more likely to be put in the WRAG unless they have other disabilities that put them in the Support Group.
  13. One of my support workers volunteers at a food bank in Yate in her spare time.
  14. I'm not sure. I think they have a page on the NAS website.
  15. Hi there. I'm Jack and am studying psychology at UWE so I know most of the staff on the psychology part. The support service has been of great help to me since I have been there. If you have any questions just PM and I'll answer
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