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  1. Hello, I have a few questions upon reading this please, if you could help me to understand it. The blood test to check the levels of metals in the system, have any of the parents or carers had their childrens blood tested. Is this a given reason to suspect heavy metal poisoning. How could you tell or know if your child had Autism or a Heavy Metal poisoning if their bodies don't excrete metals. There are metals in many things from deodorants to foods and possibly chemicals sprayed on vegetation. Is the ecosystem poisoning our children on top of the multiple injections required by law of a child to have before commencing school or preschool. Have any of your thoughts on this changed since this was discussed a few years ago. I work in early child care and it raises lots of questions among parents whether to immunise or not. If you could share your views about this today, that would really help me with some assignments. Regards Enissa
  2. Hello You just described many of the problems stressing her out. We are seeing the medications her specialist put her on as not resolving any of these problems except stopping the panic attacks which are being managed with the medication. She won't can't leave the house alone since the seizures and keeps putting off the EEG aura's prevent her doing the trip. It is a long journey by bus and this is something her doctor needs to be told. The coloured lenses are her only hope to manage at college this year. Alexis what you described caused a life long problem she is no longer able to mask. As there seems to be aura's triggering a chain reaction of events. I won't go into detail as they are upsetting. Thank you Alexis for your assistance. This is something she wants her doctor to do more tests for for sure. Mia
  3. oh my if only she knew she was Autistic too her health may be so different today. She always put everyone before herself. Thanks Mia x
  4. Hello Thank you very much with your helping with my enquiries. She is getting full analysis so we will know more as suggested. Just another question with coloured lenses if you have them would you please explain what it was like for you before and after having them prescribed. Your experience will help to understand their benefits. Thanks again for your assistance it helps a lot. Mia 0
  5. Hello :-) When I was little I remember hearing it pronounced as Az burger for fun. This was how we play with word's to remember a name that was difficult to remember. An easy way to remember names like Monnfrooy is to say Moon fry so Az burger helped with As purr ger. As I know they say it in Australia. Hard g now people in our circles use soft g I guess by preference. Mia
  6. Hello I have been really busy so sorry I haven't replied sooner than this. We agree the EEG may help ease her as she beleives she is having aura The doctor is happy to visit her at home as everytime she goes to leave the house she feels she can't breathe. I think Scotland is on her mind if all else fails too. Mia
  7. Thank you for the message but could you explain this situation to me thanks Mia
  8. Hello I know some of you may be able to explain this to me better than what I can. My mum has epilepsy unconfirmed yet but also has visual and auditory processing disorder both as well as Autism. Should she seek help for these through her GP or go to an eye hospital. From your experience or knowledge, what steps to helping her. 'Please', she is zoning off a lot too. Noise can cause distress. like her head is a washing machine. thanks Mia
  9. I think that if they allow a child to have a book for a whole year they should expect this is going to happen. If they want the books to be maintained, they should make them keep the books at school and not allow them to take them home. If you carried a library book around for a year of course it is going to get damaged. I think it is really silly, that they operate in this way. With our textbooks at school, we have to buy them ourselves or through the school or bookstores. It should be their problem, not yours. Mia
  10. Hello, I have been lurking but not posted much for a while. I am doing a traineeship in Child Care and go to college one day a week. I have been witnessing many special needs children in the centre, and so may be looking around here from time to time, to get a better understanding. We have ASD in our family so this has been helpful it making some recognition. So hello again. xx
  11. **Mia

    The Hug Thread

    Hello, I am from Australia, only just saw this here. Well lets do a reverse here, you can have our summers for your winters, is that a deal. It is still winter here, but, I think our weather system needs to be changed because our spring sometimes starts in the middle of August, and some states in Australia don't actually have a spring. They just go from winter to summer. Is the weather there really strange at times too. Has the European weather got hotter or colder there, than you can recall. Where is everyone from??
  12. Hello, I believe he should be allowed to Rest in Peace, and his children and family time and space to mourn his loss. Like Princess Diana - this life destroyed them both. What life is it being famous - it is just a job but 24 four hours seven days a week someone is looking to make a buck to discredit you for anything and everything. My mum was a big fan and was in a tv show dancing promoting one of his songs when she was a teen model and Boz Scaggs so she had lots of memories of the Off the Wall era. Rock with You we have a movie of her on television, a Australian program similar to 'Rage' her days of fame, are now priceless to us. She remembers a sweet warm Michael Jackson who was very shy, and possibly the resultant drugs was a cocoon to protect him. The best songs we love are The River Jordan - will you be there? also in school and church we sang and did a play to 'Heal The World' our end of year six production also included his music, I'll be there, a very sad song and story - on salvation. My mum in her modelling days did lots of fashion parades in centre stage malls one in the QVB Sydney, MLC centre Sydney and Bondi and many others for Spring/Summer and they used a lot of Enigma and Michael Jackson for these - The Way you make me feel and Black or White, Don't Stop till you get enough, and of course Beach Boys songs. Sorry have to rush, but yes, he will be missed in Australia he was very popular for his song and dance and will be hoping that his children are safe and looked after. Mia
  13. Hello Chris, Thank you, for your advice. I read somewhere bright red, isn't anything serious like cancer so I am relieved about that. Enissa
  14. Hello, Does anyone know when there is blood in the bowel, whats safe and whats not, like enough to be present in the bowel of the toilet, and bright red. Is this serious or is this something minor. What would you do? Has this happened to you, and if it has did you nned to visit the doctor. Thanks Mia
  15. There are two in my family with Autism, my older brother and my mum. My brother is into I.T. Forensics & History Swimming and cross training some days four hour drills. Wants to be in the army lost 30 kilos in the hope of getting in. Mum, is very creative, Creative & Fine arts Mathematical can work out formulas and calculations within a second while I am still trying to work it out on paper she can answer it just looking at it in seconds. She struggles with anxiety a lot and has used CBT to control it but has to take medication full time for it, but swimming, piano, gardening, Fine Arts painting sculpture, we freak when there is a council collection because she brings home loads of wood pieces to make sculptures, this is something she does with college, my brother also likes to have a go too, they both are into music big time, so am I. So Music, Arts, Maths, IT, physical stuff. Mia
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