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  1. All you can realy do is point out the good and bad of both jobs and leave him to make his own decision. If you try to influence him whichever way and it goes wrong it will be your fault. It will be your fault anyway if it doesn't work out. My stepson ended up working on the deli counter at our local coop, and he had no idea how to cook. He wasn't particularly good at the job, but he was willing to do all the horrible shifts and always turned up on time. After 3 years he left first to become a care worker in an old people's home which was a disaster, then he become a bus driver which he has now been doing for 5 years and loves it.
  2. http://dyslexialincolnshire.org.uk/ I have not had time to look into it myself but may be of interest to others.
  3. chris54


    Politics, to avoid falling out with family.
  4. Actually I do believe the accounts of the "resurrection" of Jesus to be credible. It was not unknown for people to survive Crucifixion, and where he apparently suffered additional injuries, he may well have survived. And just as by Luck we come about, why would I question that that same Luck has not strike some where else and maybe many times. I know people Who say they have experienced the presence of the departed, I believe (There I go again) that to them it was real.
  5. Alright then so I not a believer after all, Im a Knower. Julius Caesar's existence is a proven fact.
  6. Well I believe that green paint is green, I believe the when it rains I will get wet. So yes I believe. And apparently I also believe in luck.
  7. Sorry if I got a bit heavy there, mean to be light hearted?
  8. It depends on how you look at it. I wont go through your list only to say most of it is totally irrelevant to me. For me from a materialistic point of view, the 70s were the best time. From a happiness point of view mid 90s onwards. But everything always looks better looking back. Time is slowly catching up with us, we are still living with the dream that our standard of living etc will continued to improve. This is extremely unlikely to be the case, we have in effect been living off the future. (I mean that from a whole world prospective)
  9. Could you get someone else listen to the messages from him and to contact him and explains that you run the group out of the goodness of your heart and at your own expense. That is it is not a service he has a right to, and that if he want to be part of it he is welcome but needs to remember that he has to consider others and not just himself.
  10. One of my sisters started out as a nurse, got disillusioned with the job and when her children got older she did an access course and trained as a teacher. She never did anymore than GCSE's and realy struggled to get maths. She is restricted to teaching up to KS3. But she is now considered one of the more able if not the most paid teachers at her school.
  11. Are you registered with a GP practice. If not you need to get that sorted. http://www.nhs.uk/se...viceSearch.aspx
  12. Health. We have a case of one of our resident who has severe Downs Syndrome, He has the ability of 1 year old (In all aspects of his life). He needs surgery to correct a life threatening condition, and to elevate constant pain. The doctor at the hospital said it was a waste of resources to treat him as his quality of life could not be measured, therefor would not improve. It was only with the intervention of his social worker that surgery is now to go ahead.
  13. As I understand it the onset of age related conditions happens at the normal chronological age and may even occur sooner for these individuals. In general people with more severe learning disabilities have a shorter life expectancy than the norm. This is at least part explained by the fact that they often have other health issue. And I suspect that in the past little attention was paid to their general health. Funding, 2 years running the LA have reduced the funding. We have had to accept staffing reductions. There is a big reliance on good will of the staff to keep things running smoothly. Many of the staff are actively looking for better paid work. The LA are always reviewing the residents with a view to moving them to cheaper accommodation. There is a rush to move the older ones to Old people's homes ASAP as they are funded to a much lower standard. The residential home arm of the company is at the present time making a loss, it is only by diversifying into other areas of care that they have kept going. We do not feel that funding is at all secure for our residents.
  14. Only at very posh do's. The last wedding I went to like that was my sisters and she's now a great grandmother. These days it's One drink if you lucky. At my nephew they had bottles of wine on the table for a sit down meal. when the meal was over I grabbed a couple of unused bottles and a glass made do with that for the night.
  15. The very reason that I do not call myself an Atheist. I do not believe in any reason for our existences, we are because we are. As (I my opinion) there is no reason, it follows that there are no answers as there are no questions (Why). (The question "What did God do before Geneses" is realy one for Creationists)
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