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  1. thanks for the replies. His diet is not good and varied as he only eats certain things, so i think he does need a top up. He does like milk so i've changed to lacto free milk. I'd be interested to hear what otc medication is supposed to work with aggression. He sleeps fine at night so thats not a problem. He is just 12 and his hormones i think are kicking in. He is big and strong and is bigger than me. I am willing to try this as i have read some things that it helps, but its getting the dosage correct. What is Taurine? I would rather try thenatural stuff . We were also told by the psychologist that there was nothing else she could offer for aggression apart from the Risperadol.
  2. Have been doing some reading and it says that an improvement in behaviours and some aggression can be gained by taking these supplements. My son was presrcibed Risperadol but we decided against it as my mum is diabeticand it can raise blood sugar, but also the side effect list was horrendous and scary. He has aggresive outbursts and is very physical in this. Just need to know if anyone has had success with vitamin supplements. Thanks
  3. my son who is now 13 had this test and they said he didnt meet the criteria of autism, but I am sure that he is on the spectrum. When younger he displayed all signs and didnt talk much at 2yrs. They just seem to be doing this tick box thing and not looking at the whole picture. My 12 year old has a diagnosis of aspergers, but this was done by a paediatrician.[ who has unfortunately retired] It is very hard going and a constant struggle but try to keep going.
  4. Hello I have posted in general discussion about the ADOS test. Son had it and they say he is not on the spectrum. Then why has he dispalyed these behaviours since 3 yrs old? We live in Moray scotland and there is very little support and help here. My youngest has aspergers and they are very similar. Whats your advice? thanks
  5. My son aged 12 has had problems since 3 or 4 years of age. Nursery and primary teachers noted this. We took him to gp and was referred to child centre who saw both sons and said nothing wrong. Problems persisted . Yougest son diagnosed through an autism education worker, his behaviour and a paeditrician. It took years. Younger son didnt display things when younger that elder son did. Eldest sons problems got worse going to high school, major anxiety,ocd behaviour type, repeating things constantly from tv,sensitive to noises, fabrics. In fact he displayed sometimes more than younger son. Headbanged when toodler,arm flapped. He got an ADOS test 3 weeks ago. He had building blocks and because he asked for more to finish a model they said an autistic child wouldnt do that, also he showed a caring bit on a social story that they told him. Their results are that he is NOT on the spectrum. I think that he is . Where do I go Now? Still has problems. They say he just has anxiety which I disagree with. Anyone else had the same experience or should I accept it but struggle on? Thanks We are in Moray scotland so there are very little rsources here. This place seemingly is the only way they will diagnose now.
  6. hello Lee I have not long started posting on here and found it very helpful. I am mum to my son who is 10 and has been diagnosed with aspergers 18 months ago. We live in moray. How did you get diagnosed at that age? were things interfering with your life?
  7. It is very reassuring but at the same time very sad to be reading this and knowing others are in the same situation as myself and my family. The saddest thing my son has said was when he was not long diagnosed and said 'I wish I could go to sleep and wake up all better'. It does break your heart and make you feel so helpless. It is hard to stay on top when everything seems to be falling about you, but we just have to keep at it, though it is very wearing. Knowing I am not alone in this with the forum helps.
  8. Do you mind telling me how old you are smiley? My son is newly 10 and is a constant worry. He goes out and gets himself into trouble with other kids and does bad things like throwing sticks,stones. He has been diagnosed with aspergers but school staff have questioned that and want him re assessed as they think he is wicked. I have put in a bit in for advice under this ADOS test. Do you get angry and aggressive at your parents? He has been very physical and we cant seem to stop him in these rages. I am very bruised.
  9. Sorry to hear this. I can understand you as I too am a sufferer of this. It seems a lot worse when under stress and this is how it is probably affecting you just now as you are thinking more of your sons changes and his future. Go to the GP as they may offer help in the short term to relax you and may refer you to a psychologist to talk it through. Try taking slow deep breaths in through your nose count for four and out through your mouth count for four. Do this a few times when you have the panic as it is the breathing that causes it. [overbreathing] Hope things get better. <'>
  10. Thanks for the replies. I am of the view that we will not have this ADOS test as it is just school staff questioning it. His school have not managed him well at all and he has been excluded 14 times since September 09. A staff member manhandled him on the last day of term before the easter holidays and he was hurt physically by this that we reported it to the police, but they could not proceed due to lack of someone sticking up for my son. The school staff closed rank! He was not allowed back to school for 9 weeks as they were putting things in place for him as they had greatly failed him. However just before the summer break I was asked to collect him twice as they could not deal with him. We live in a small community and there are only 3 schools in the area, the next closest for him could be 18 miles away. We are considering one of the other schools. He was diagnosed through appointments with an educational psychologist, occupational and physiotherapist, SALT, Autism support worker[education], and also a consultant paediatrician. I am also of the view that who are they to question this? School management has been very poor as they should have stopped staff talking like this about my son. My other son is ignored, as am I, by certain members of staff and therefore the relationship with the school is poor. I agree with the diagnosis but I am being pressured by social work to do the tests as this may help my son in case there is something else as well as the aspergers. It was very stressful leading up tp his diagnosis and I dont think we could go through all that again and maybe have a different outcome! It is just the school trying to get out of working with him as his bahaviour can be challenging, and staff there have refused to work with him. He is discriminated by them but we cant seem to do anything about it. It makes us very angry and upset that us and my son are being talked about and treated like this. Sorry to go on!!!
  11. I totally sympathise with you as my son also runs away. We have to go look for him regularly. My doors are locked and thekeys taken out. My windows have locks, but he is so clever that he has started to pick the window locks and climb out! I have tried to warn him of the dangers and the consequences of his actions but he just keeps doing it. It is also driving us mad. My OH also cannot deal with the stress and it all adds to the pressure. We have a social worker for him ,but he evan ran from them and we had to look for him. It is very hard, but try to keep going and get all the help you can. In scotland it all starts at our GP but Enhland seems to have more places for help.
  12. hello all My son has been diagnosed as having aspergers 18 months ago, but we now have to go to a centre which diagnoses ASD's because school auxilliaries who are supposed to help my son disagree with the diagnosis [which was made by a paediatrician] . They think that he is a very badly behaved child and has no disabilities and is just bad. This centre uses this ADOS system. Has anyone got any experience of this? I would be very grateful to hear your views and experiences. Thanks
  13. thanks for the advice. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one struggling with this. He hasn't been in trouble with the police - they came to warn him about running away and getting into any trouble. He has never been reported missing as we always go and find him as we usually [but not always] can find him. As I said I cannot get respite. We are in Moray in NE scotland and there are no respite for children like him. We have tried somewhere [ Aberlour child care trust] but they stated that because he was physically able and could hold a conversation he would not fit in there. Due to our location there is nowhere else. I have asked about out of area but they will not do that. I was interested to read of a child on here getting a week residential at a centre doing activities. That would be brilliant. The place that J's mum mentioned where is that? We are not getting support from school either as I said as most of the staff just think he is a very badly behaved boy and have even got the educational authority to send us somewhere to clarify his diagnosis even though he has been seen by speech and language, occupational therapy, educational psychologist and was diagnosed by a consultant paediatrician!!. What is a statement that the english schools have for their children with these needs? We don't have this. He has also got more physical and is a big sturdy boy .
  14. Has any one any advice on how to deal with this? My son is now 10 and has AS. He has been swearing and saying really bad things. He has also started to run away and we have to go out and look for him. We have taken away his games consul for the language,locked his bike away,locked doors and windows [but one has no lock and he climbed out this] I have tried ignoring it and correcting him when he says it but the situation has not improved. Regarding the running away, he is getting into trouble with other boys and they are tormenting him and have hit him. I had to get the police this week as they chased him into a shop and I was called to come and get him. The police tried to tell him that it is not safe running away and that it will make more trouble for him. We have had major school problems too. We now have to go to an adolescent mental health centr because the school staff do not believe his diagnosis [ he was diagnosed by a consultant paediatrician]. This is the school who cant cope with him. He was off school for nearly 3 months as the staff would not work with him. The head also tried to get him removed from the register but we appealed and this was withdrawn. It is a mainstream school but they dont seem to want to be bothered with difficult kids. We are in Moray NE Scotland where services are practiacally nil. I get 2 hrs respite a week when he attends a club. I have been begging for more and overnight respite but there is nothing in Moray for these children. We are very stressed and at our wits end with this. My other son who is 11 also shows some sign of an ASD, and they often annoy each other for fun. The house is like a war Zone 24/7. Any ideas??
  15. Do not think there are any specific ASD schools in Moray I have to find that out which I am going to do tomorrow. I am not wanting him to go to a residential school as I dont think he would cope and also a school like that would be at least 150 miles away near edinburgh I think. Have been busy today getting copies of the exclusion policy, ASN policy and my sons notes from school which I dont think are all there. Does any one know what exactly the school should hold.? THere are no notes of meetings or things that have been done or he has done in some instances.
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