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    What to do?

    Hi Tally Hope you don't mind me asking, but have you started attending the lifestyle Management Programm for my ME as yet? and if so are you finding it helpful? Teresa
  2. Sound's just like my daughter dx at 10 with AS, she will be 20 tomorrow and it's been a nightmare knowing what to get her, she hate's shopping for clothes with a passion. My friend once asked if i missed going girly shopping like she does with her daughter, i repiled no ! it really doesn't bother me, she know's what she like's and that's it she shop's either with friend's or we split up when we go into town, but never buy's any clothes, shoes yes . She say's i'm to indecisive to shop with and maybe i am . Anyway i have got use to it over the years and don't take it personally.
  3. When T was in mainstream high school, She had help from 'Jigsaw' a multi-agency team that works alongside CAMHS, they would go in at lunch time and give support etc.. they were a great help when i was trying to get the quiet room sorted out. She also had a time out card, and was allowed to opt-out of P.E as this was the cause of most of her stress. Good Luck Teresa
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum. Teresa
  5. Hi and welcome to the forum, i have found this site to be a really helpful, hope you do too. Teresa
  6. I don't think you are being paranoid, just hope you find out what's going on. Sorry i don't have any advice. regards Teresa
  7. Once i started watching I couldn't stop, i also cheered when Scott passed. I thought Julia was fantastic you could see she really loves her job. Teresa
  8. T got some of her exam result's today. I dropped her off at college at 9 this morning and by 9.30 i got a text from her which is unusual, as i only get them when she need's me to pick her up in the car, anyway she did better then she thought and was so happy . When i picked her up later I could see a difference in her, she's got one more exam to sit and i think it's helped lift her confidance a liittle, as i know she was a little worried if not very worried but doesn't show it. So we celabrated with an Mc D Teresa
  9. Big from me, thought you were really good Special talent , and overall the program it made me smile a lot, it was good to see you guys and girl one year on, mostly in a positive way. Hope Ollie get's that job he deserves, a really funny/nice guy. Teresa
  10. Teresa

    Doctor, etc . . .

    Hi Tally, Hope you get things sorted out soon sound's like your having a tuff time. About the ME referral etc.. T was on waiting list for 7 months before she saw a ME nurse, the nurse comes to our house every two week's at the moment, and through the ME service a Phyisotherapist comes to our home every 3 to 4 weeks. Don't give up it took me 4 year's to get the help T needed, not much help in my area i'm afraid. Hope you feel a better soon. Teresa
  11. Yes next sunday i will be going to see Back for good a tribute band of Take That, I know i'm sad well thats what T says . I saw the real Take That last year on the Circus tour and they were great. In May i'm going to see Robbie Williams tribute act, saw him Xmas time was very good. And just booked to see The Horror Circus with T not sure what to make it but will keep an open mind. I am trying to keep up with my new year's resolutions that i made to myself, which was to try and enjoy life more. Seem's to be helping T because she seems to be more interested in things now aswell , before if i asked her to do anything i would get a "not sure" answer and that would mean no, but now i get a "yes" or a "no". Teresa
  12. Hi to all, I am in the process of trying to becoming a Driving Instructor , i'm what's called a PDI just about to start on part one theory - and a video-based hazard perception section. Boy is it expensive my partner said to me are you sure you know what your doing , thanks for the vote of confidence hun that's a great help . I've been driving longer then he has, grrr so annoying it's made me more determined then ever to succeed. Teresa
  13. HI and welcome to the forum. Teresa
  14. All treatment's was on the NHS only cost for us was paying to wards thinner lenses. Teresa
  15. Hi Tally Sorry to hear about Mr Cat =^.^=, I know from your posts before that he's not been well for a while, you must be looking after him very well. I have a cat myself called Bob, we love cats also. If you need cheering up anytime, there is a cat on youtube called maru the cat. He is so cute and funny never fails to make me smile. Take care Teresa
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