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  1. Hello Everyone. It seems like years since i dropped by. I do occasionally log in to check everyone is ok. So i am here really to tell you all about a new and exiting game which could be on the market with your help. The Game has been created by my Brother (who has OCD) and my 14 year old son (who has asperger's) and it is called Scramblox. In a nutshell scramblox is a board game based upon colour matching and sequencing and we believe the game assists in the development of hand eye coordination, motor skills, cognitive reasoning, sequencing, matching, sorting and ordering. As the game uses colours it does not exclude players on language or educational ability. Scramblox is a fun colourful game that is easy to understand and play We believe it will be of benefit to anyone with Autism, Asperger's, learning difficulties, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculla, Dyspraxia, OCD and Depression. We will be thoroughly testing the game in the next two weeks so if you would like to help us bring this game to the market then please help us by Liking, commenting and sharing our page which can be found here..http://www.facebook.com/Scramblox . or follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/Scramblox We re currently developing a website so i will update you on progress when anything happens. As some of you may know I educate my Children at home and have done so for the last 5 Years and 3 months. When i first started, this site was amazing for help and advice. I hope you will all help me and Kieran now as he really has come a long way. many thanks and take care. x
  2. hi Suze. thank you for your comment. How are you doing ?
  3. Lol really? where did everyone go? It has been a while since i called by, a bit too long by the sound of things. I started writing the book in 2007 but had to take a break due to family circumstances in 2008. since then i have only been writing tiny bits at a time, but recently i have really got back into it and am hopeful that this time i will actually finish it. and when i do i will hope to get it published, but if nobody wants to take it on then i will be selling it as an Ebook online. . its great to meet you guys. x
  4. Hello everyone. I havent been around for years. and for that i am really sorry, but i thought i would pop back in to ask the mods a question. You see i am writing a book (still) about Autism and mental health, and back in the beginning this forum was my lifeline. I wondered if i had your permission to mention that fact and also to mention some of the posts i made here back in 2004 - 2007. I will not be mentioning anyone by name, but i cannot continue with the chapter i am on until i know that i have the permission of this forum. A quick update whilst i am here. My youngest son and Daughter are still been home educated by myself and are doing as well as can be expected. We are currently going through the diagnostic procedure again with my daughter as her difficulties are impacting on her daily life. My son as you might remember already has a diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome. My eldest son who is now 19 has recently been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. So we have got our work cut out here, I hope you are all well, Hello to everyone new, Is flora still around btw? she was a massive support here at one time but i havent had the time to check out yet if she is still a member here. Anyway i hope you are all ok . much love. pingu
  5. Hi everyone. I hope you are all keeping ok. I havent been here for ages and i am lost with this new forum lol. but i thought i would pop by and say hello to everyone. (if ou remember me ) I am still home educating kieran (who has now been diagnosed with ADHD as well as aspergers. his sister did try going back to school but it has all fallen through again and she wants to be home educated again too. its been a rough couple of years which is why i've stayed away. but i just thought i would pop by to say hello. Take care everyone. x
  6. hello everyone. my autistic son (11)doesnt normally go out much, he has a few close friends who he has known from when he was at mainstream school, and if he does go out its usually to one of these 3 peoples houses. But Yesterday he was out on his scooter on his way to one of these friends houses (he lives at the end of the street) and he fell off his scooter and banged his head. he was just picking himself up when another boy came by, this lad also used to go to his old school, but they never got on and my lad was beaten up by this lad many times (for been different) ..once he told my lad that he could play football with him and his mates, if he would be 'the ball', they then proceeded to kick him all over the playground whilst he curled up into a ball - to him this was 'playing'. it took weeks for the bruises to disappear. anyway, this lad then helped my son up and asked him if he was ok, and now my son has an obsession with this boy because he was nice to him and in his eyes that now means they are best buddies. anyway.. tonight he said he was off to james house (end of street) and i told him to be back by 4.30. so when 4.30 came and went and he didnt come back i went looking for him, as i know that jis friends mum usually asks him upon entering what time he has to be back, and is usually promt in 'kicking him out' (as he calls it) but she hadnt seen him when i enquired at her house, the other two friends hadnt seen him either, so i then had to do some detective work to find out where this 'other' lad lived, thinking he had gone there after talking about him all day. but he wasnt there either... I was frantic by this time... for lots of reasons, like it was raining and he dislikes the rain, so i didnt thinl he'd stay out on the streets and his few friends hadnt seen him.. then just as i was about to start screaming his name randomly into thin air, i saw him like pingu on his scooter coming down the street. it turned out that he had 'met another friend' and had been to his house. when pressed for info he said it was a friend of this boy from yesterday.. but in my search for this boy ive learnt that he is part of a gang, he is one of the younger members' and he is often in touble for stealing and basically been a nucience. i wouldnt want them to start taking advantage of my boy cos he really does know no better, and will do anything he's asked if he thinks someone is going to be his friend. he's so gullable, but he is on a high at the moment cos he's got 2 new friends..... Whom i now know are not usually nice to people, so why are they suddenly been 'nice' to him.. do you think i am been paranoid. . when...... ? .....My son tends to repeat everything that has been said to him, in almost a torettes kind of way, and right now he is in the room laughing hysterically and shouting 'go home kieran - just go home'... i think i need to have a cup of tea or something... it hasnt been a great day as days go. but i hope everyone else is ok <'>
  7. yes i find this really really annoying. and extreme emotion is something the parents of "normal" teenagers go through every day (not) you have been through a hard time hun, give yourself some credit for getting this far.. i will write more later when i have put kieran and his bear (patchy) to bed
  8. hi vondahue. Wow you've been through the mill a fair bit, i was reading your post - feeling your frustration. and wondering if i had anything to say that would make it all make sense, but intruth i havent, apart from the fact that your daughter sounds like she has AS from what you've descibed.. saying that my son has AS but also shows a lot of the signs of PDA which is confusing me so much at the moment so i understand your confusion at least. have you ever thought of trying to secretly film her behaviour? just a thought as thats the way we got our son disgnosed. the professionals thought it was us that were making him unable to follow the social rules (blame the parents) until we filmed him lining up the garden chairs and repetitivly carrying out actions that were not 'normal play' once i had the evidence in my palm i stomped into the doctors and asked them to watch it - he was disgnosed soon after. but if anyone comes into the house he acts totally different. but at least on the tape we got an opportunity to show what he was like in his envioronment ( in a place he feels at hom) not sure if any of that has helped. i'm sure someone else may be able to give you a more coherant reply, but if you have any questions or just need to vent then you are welcome to PM me. pingu. <'>
  9. pingu


    speaking of which ....how do i get him out of bed... ive been trying for 2 hours and its the same thing every ###### day He's late yet again, and everyone else is rallying around to telp him and he's just laid up there refusing to get up/pretending to be asleep..... GGGrrrrr sorry i know i shouldnt waste my time or energy on frustration but for goodness sake.........
  10. pingu


    <'> absolutly valid point sally.
  11. pingu


    which is the problem i have with my 17 year olds son nobbynobbs. very worrying is his avoidance, and failure to see he wrong doing. he seems to be his worst enemy some days.. but i also have to pick up on kathryns post which says because i believe this is the question... my youngest is diagnosed with aspergers but shows so many signs of pda too. thanks for all your replies by the way it makes very interesting reading..
  12. pingu


    Hello everyone. I hope i'm still welcome. i hope you are all ok. I have completely by accident come across something which seems to explain my kids in some way in varying degrees and wondered if you would be able to help...? <'> Pathological demand avoidance syndrome (PDA) Has anyone heard of it? got it? has anyone with it in their family? It was whilst watching Young Autistic and Stagestuck the other night and it was mentioned on there, and the little girl with it reminded me of my sons behaviour at that age. and the levels of avoidance both my sons will go to in order to not do something is unreal.... anyhow, i know there is already a topic for the programme but i didn't want to hijack that thread. i have googled the disoder and have ended up with a fact sheet which explains my boys. If you remember kieran is home educated and was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome in 2004. but the reason i no longer find the time to come here and post, is because it really has been a full time job for 2 years and i get no time to "reflect" on what i see as his permanamt avoidance to complete even the most basic of tasks. Whilst my eldest (if you recall) is still undergoing assessment... for???? (even they dont know) they thought he had aspergers too, but his social communication is too good for that, then it could have been ADHD but he seems so calm sometimes, then it was OCD because he was obbsessed with stuf - (brilliant imagination) - now they are looking into Bi polar because of his exessive mood swings, and his belief that he is count dracula.... and......He is nearly 18 now, and is still avoiding his GCSE's (the paperwork i found stuffed everywhere yesterday suggests he'd rather not think about the exams) Anyway i just wanted to know if anyone else has had any experience with it in case i'm barking up the wrong tree.?? thanks. and take care. shaz x
  13. Hi everyone sorry i havent been around a lot recently. I took the advice of some members and found a forum where i could speak about the other 'problems' in our lives. but istill hope i'm welcome to post here about the problems that autism present on a daily basis. I just wanted to know if anyone else has a problem with there children having an incontrolable urge to smash things, not in any aggressive way - more of a 'stimming smash' everything thats broken has been taken outside and smashed to smitherines, rock band drums, which he broke accidentaly are now in a thousand pieces, as is his plug and play guitar and various other things. so i was just wondering if its just him releasing some pent up frustration or if its a common thing? he also has started to go on 'downers' especially when he comes back from an event like a sleepover, this is new stuff and really difficult to handle. I hope everyone else is ok take care pingu x
  14. Hi I hope i havent posted in the wrong place, if i have could someone please direct me .. thank you I have recently purchased an action replay for gamecube for 'Spud' (My autistic son). And i was hoping you may be able to help, The 007 Agent under fire cheats do not activate, im convinced this is because the AR indicates 'further information' (i) but displays none of this information. and i cant seem to get it to display the information we need to activate the codes. I wouldnt mind on any other game but this is the very game he wanted the action replay for.. Any hints or tips would be appriciated... Maybe if we knew what the extra info was meant to say? anything ?? thankyou.. pingu
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