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  1. sophies school disco was tonight, but unfortunately she didnt go, i just felt it would be too much too expect of her, it breaks my heart that she has to be ;eft out of these things though, but we will make it up to her. Julie
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    doesnt work for us Julie
  3. Dont know how much money you have got to spend, or where you have in mind, but we are going to oxford next weekend, staying in travelodge room for �10 for the two of us next friday night, if you are interested look on their website to see where the �10 room are available. Think this ofer is even for a family room too. Good luck and happy break whetherever you choose Julie
  4. no snow in our part of dorset yet. Very rare that we get snow here. Julie
  5. On refletction we have decided not to give it a go just at the moment, Have spoken to the school nurse just now, and she things its probably the better dicision at the mo, becuase there are so many other things going on, and its just not the right time to try it now. I will still go and see her about the daytime wetting though. Julie
  6. Oh thankyou Lisa, Most helpful in jogging my memory. Its hard to remeber things isnt it, well it is for me anyway!! I can identify with a lot of those, not all, as as you say the kids are all different. Julie
  7. thankyou for your reply, Thats a good idea starting it on a fri night, i wouldnt have thought of that!! The purpose of the chart would be to establish patterns, errrrrr if everyday and everynight is a pattern!! I have got to wait a week for the alarm to come anyway, so in the meantime will raise this thought with the school nurse, i just didnt think to ask today, you never do do you? Julie
  8. Right going on from the other topic i have just posted on tiptoes. I have another appointment at the childrens centre on 7th dec, and want to be prepared with questions etc. What other traits are there to asd? just to jog my mind if you dont mind. I have had so much going on recently and my brain cell! needs a little memory jogging! i obviuosly will only tell them what applies to us! Julie
  9. Does your child walk on tip toes, Sophie is almost constantly on tip toes, always has been. Am i right in thinking this is a trait of asd? Julie
  10. We went to see the school nurse today, shes the only one realy so far that has been any help to us. Sophie has day wetting and night wetting problems, she has never been dry at night, and has loads of accidents during the day. We are going to keep a chart of how she gets on during the day, and also a chart for the night. It was decided that she would have the buzzer/bell device, but me being me i didnt think to raise this question. Sophie has problems getting to sleep, especially the last two nights after having gone back to school after the exclusion. now we are going to stick a think on her that rings when she wets!!! errrrrm loud noises and having to get out of bed and go to toilet , if she does? not sure how we will cope with that, me thinks it mights cause more distress. What are your thoughts?, has anyone any experience of these devices? Julie
  11. well the day went fairly good for her. They are using a traffic light system, green happy, amber unhappy, red i need to leave the room. She used red and left the room. the teacher thought that this was because pe was coming up and sophie didnt want to do it. as it turned out they didnt do it. grrrrrr the teacher knows that she doesnt like pe, why did she not mention that they wouldnt be doing it, grrrrr only just thought of why she didnt tell her they were noit doing it, will mention it to her i think, as i am now going to keep a diary. and i reminded the teacher of sophies appointment tomorrow at the wetting clinic. appointment is at 11.15 told teacher i would pick her up at 11 as its only just round the corner, and she said to me to use my judgement as to whether to take her back to school or not, in otherwords they dont want her back if shes in a bad mood grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Maybe i am now being paranoid, but most things they say and do are annoying me grrrrrrrrrr julie
  12. After having a meeting at school last weds, with the headmaster, sophies teacher, the educational social worker and her dad and me. It was decided that sophie go back to school today. She has in place a school action plus, has her own desk (always had) which they have moved to a better position, she can keep her spare clothes in the school office, so as not to draw attention to the fact that she needs to change. PE they will decided at the time whether she will do it or not - depends on how she feels. The sticker chart each day has gone from 8 stars to 9 to include assembly as well, as she has problems with that too. The ed psych is coming on the 30th nov. and the services of behavioural support have been requested. and we have another appointment at the hospital on the 7th dec, not sure if a diagnosis will be made then or whether we will be pushed on to someone else grrr. Not sure if any of the above is much different than before to be honest - only time will tell. She was quite happy to go into school this morning - which was good, cos we went sure which way it was going to go. Havnt heard from school yet - fingers crossed, so she might even make the whole day! Julie
  13. Oh bless him love him ahhhhhhh. Thats the sort of thing that makes it all worth while, tears in my eyes again lol, as if i needed an excuse!!! Julie
  14. I dont really know where to start but i have done nothing but cry and agonise over things for the last week or so. As you know sophie was excluded from school, she is in the middle of an asd assessment, and our next appointment is 7th dec. She has a wetting problem too and some boys in her class call her names, and this resulted in sophie losing it and hitting and biting and screaming. She was expected to go back to school yesterday, but i refused to take her because it was her birthday and i didnt want those kids to spoil her day for her. I then refused to take her back until there is a meeting and things are sorted. An educational social worker came to see me yesterday, and i discussed everything with her, the behavioural problems, wetting, name calling etc etc. She has arranged a meeting at school tomorrow morning for me her and the head teacher. To discuss all these problems and hopefully come to some sort of a resolve. BUT i really cannot face it, I cant find it in myself to be polite to the headteacher, the school excluded her because they CANNOT deal with her, so why the hell do i have to send her back to a school that cannot deal with her. discussed the alternatives with the s w and she said the only other alternative would be education otherwise, and i really dont know if i would be strong/ good ebough to do this. Why do i have to sit there and be polite when i really dont want to. they are useless with her. and i really dont want to send her back. I have cried and cried and cried, am crying now, they whole sysytem at the moment is completely failing my daughter and i am supposed to sit there and be polite, i just havnt got it in me. Julie
  15. sophie is as yet undiagnosed but, she would go mad if i showed her what to do, because it would be cheating!. She hits out in frustration, hence the exclusion from school. \Julie
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