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  1. Sounds familar!!.....P was just the same mega tamtrums every item of clothing was a battle to put on. The worst was shoes and socks would take ages and it all had to go on it the right order the right way (her way) I can hear you asking how we got over it, well it does still happen but not as bad. I think anxieties can be a cause of it. In the end it came down to blackmail just a little each day. For example P was not allowed down stairs to watch tele before she had her clothes on, another was she luvs egg sandwiches so she was told she could have one if she put her shoes and socks on first. We had to be persistent and this went on for months but it worked in the end. We got what we wanted and she got what she wanted. Sorry if any one thinks its out of orderb to use a bit of blackmail but it worked for us.
  2. About time we had a campaign like this!!!! I have not had time to read it all but what I have seen so far looks good. I've added the link to my site and I will do all I can to help with this campaign. If there is any other way I can help pm me. Keep up the good work
  3. Hi glad your back and up and running again !!!
  4. Hi jontytheartist, I am sorry to hear that you are going through a bad time. I think you need time to talk with people that understand your problems and I think here is a good place. I must agree with phasmid that is not a good thing to give out personal details to someone we do not know, but am sure that a lot of member here will be happy to give you advice. I think for the time being it would be wise to get some advice from the members here. You can use the personal messenger if you wish to talk to someone in private. Maybe it would help if you give us more details of what you are going through. I have not read all of your last posts and i will go and have a look now. I just think you should keep posting your concerns and get to know us all. All the best Nikrix
  5. I said that when the third came a long, but it did I can tell you. How old are all yours? I am reaching that age where I think if I dont have another one it will be to late. Not felt like that for 5 years lol. It funny how it hits you I never dreamt I would want more.
  6. Well most are saying that they were more sick with girls, I was the other way round. I was sick every day with the boys and with my girl one to two month free of the sickness. So I can not tell you, think its different with all of us. Good luck with it all. 4 how will you cope? I have 3 didn't want any more but..........that time clock is ticking away, maybe number 4 may come one day.
  7. Its a personal decision My two older children have had it. My daughter now nine was dx with epilepsy at a early age she had a few seizures before the MMR but went on to have quiet a few after then a dx of ASD. My son now four had 2 seizures the same as my daughter before his MMR was due, he has not had the MMR and had no more seizures. Yes its a worry I don't know if I have done the right thing. He has come out in a rash recently and it looked just like measles, he still has it but it was put down to a viral infection. I don't have the answers either, sorry!!!
  8. Just Posted. Are you in the picture Helen??
  9. Hi again Just found this, may be of some help Petite Mal Seizures Petite mal seizures, also known as absence attacks, or primary generalized seizures, occur almost exclusively in children. Typically they affect people younger than 20, with children between the ages of 6 and 12 most likely to experience them. This type of seizure can run in families. Most children with petit mal seizures have otherwise normal neurological systems. Many can expect to outgrow the disorder. Petite mal, or absence, seizures are characterized by an abrupt interruption of consciousness without convulsion. During the typical, seconds-long episode there is a zoning out, rarely with chewing, swallowing, or blinking automatisms. The individual usually continues doing what he was doing, despite the seizure, yet his actions are void of intention, automated. Interaction is not possible during the episode. Following the seizure, the child often continues in the activity that engaged him prior to the seizure?s onset as though a lapse did not occur. In their subtlety, petite mals can be easily missed. Sometimes children with these seizure are misdiagnosed with learning or behavioral problems. Nikrix
  10. It could be Petit Mals which is a form of epilepsy. When you child is having these absences can you get through to him?? My daughter has a dx of epilepsy and has had Petit Mals she will gaze into thin air and you cannot get through to her they last only a few minutes if that and they are unaware of what has taken place or what has been said. If you would like to know anymore pm me. NIkrix
  11. Hi all thanks for all your replys. I did think like a lot of you that it could be a sensory problem or scizhophrenia thats why I was so concerned. Her dx is ASD , she has had problems of seeing things before this was mostly flashing lights and the swirly things as she calls them. The main concern is the voices for me as there are telling her to do things and at the moment she can not make out what. She has said she has not heard the voices for a few days, just her head going fast, thats her words she finds it hard to explain the feeling. Thanks all again, I will phone her consultant tomorrow and see if the appointment can be brought forward. Nikrix
  12. Thanks Tylers-mum, not posted in a while because sometimes feel that I don't fit in on the forum. I always check new posts, but find it hard to reply. Hope you know what I mean. Think its just me as a person find it hard to fit in. It was really nice to get your reply made me feel more welcome <'> Thankyou Nikrix
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