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  1. Of course Tally you are 100% correct there - what I meant was that after something like 5 to 10 seconds in a child's company, any judgements which might previously have been made based on their name would now be based on what they were saying or doing. There is something to be had for connotations based on labelling though - people like Braham Norwich have done some very interesting research into the different and frequently wide-ranging views of professionals (ie teachers, Ed Psychs, SALTs, OTs etc etc) of labels such as autism ... there is certainly some substance in that particular issue!
  2. In ten years of teaching SEN children I've never seen it myself ... that's not to say that it doesn't go on at all though. And yes there are some really bizarre names out there. I once had a child whose whole first name was that of a well-known Hollywood actress. I asked about it at parents evening and her mum seemed slightly embarassed and said that her husband was a big fan!
  3. The "I nearly laughed myself" comment needs to be raised in this meeting. Try to stay positive and calm. He's has several very good years there by the sounds of things. If you do decide to take him out of there make sure you've exhausted all other options first. Good luck on Thursday.
  4. There really isn't anything in this at all ... teachers judge children based on what they say and do, not by their names! The article in question was put up on our staffroom wall but as a joke - there's absolutely no way any teacher would be so inept as to make any lasting judgement of a child based on their name!
  5. I think some of the ideas offered on here are really useful - particularly the stuff from baddad. Sanctions & Rewards work. The small print is that they need to be clear, consistently-applied, things that are genuinely meaningful to the child, and stuff that you are actually prepared to carry out. Once several weeks and possibly months has been spent in this manner then gradually you can begin to cut a little slack now and then. I don't know your child so it wouldn't be sensible for me to comment on your particular circmstances but - in general - I have found that following that formula (for want of a better word!) keeps things really positive and everyone very happy in my class!
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