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  1. jollypig

    what now ?

    34 views not a single comment ! thanks for the suport !!!
  2. jollypig

    what now ?

    my daughter left special school to go to a specialist college but that hasnt worked out for a variety of reasons, what are her options now ? She is 16 yrs old and has complex needss, we have a meeting tomorrow with the SEN 16+ manager but im at a loss to know where we go from here. The local college was deemed unsuitable.
  3. jollypig

    139a advice

    Ive phoned but ive also spoken to the LEA 16+ person who has emailed school and told them she wants to be informed when its complete so her and i can go through it.
  4. jollypig

    139a advice

    all conditons have been diagnosed, it turns out the incompetant head at school said it was complete when it wasnt ! i have now at least got their attention and its in the works but considering this was going to be done last november and she leaves school in july im so not impressed !
  5. jollypig

    139a advice

    Thats what i thought , she needs fulltime support as well as the epilepsy she is autistic, dyspraxic and has reflux disease, she has short term memory issues and gets confused really easily yet all school have mentioned is the epilepsy! Her statment details epilepsy and dyspraxia but at that time she was going through the process at CAMHS although her statment doesnt include autism there i reference to her autistic traits and the fact she was going through the process.
  6. jollypig

    139a advice

    its got to be fillled in describing a childs needs when they leave school to go to college, it follows on from a statment.
  7. jollypig

    139a advice

    we have [after a lot of pushing] recieved a copy of my daughters 139a form as i understand it , it should contain all the relevant information about her issues , the only info it has is about her epilepsy theres nothing about the dyspraxia or autism ! Am i right in thinking this should have been included
  8. She is almost 16 and wants to go to residential college although i suspect i will have a fight on my hands with the LEA.
  9. thanks for the reply thats what i thought
  10. My dd attends a special school since the statment was put in place she has been diagnosed with autism school are failing big time although they dont seem to think so. she plans to leave school in July, is it worth me going through the process to have suitable autism provision put into her statment ? Her annual review is on Monday
  11. i believe sally Bercow has an autistic son so maybe the directness etc is due to dealing with it day in and day out, im not autistic but i find myself more and more probably sounding like i could be just because i havent got the time/patience/inclination to deal with some people.
  12. well the appointment went as expected but they are referring her to a specialist team but they do think she is depressed and did suggest medication maybe the way to go . blood tests via the pediatrician have shown she is lacking in vitamin D and iron , im hoping a while on supplement may help lift her mood without the need for anti depressants.
  13. thanks for the replies- she does have a lot to deal with as well as the autism she has uncontrolled epilepsy and dyspraxia she is also struggling with acid reflux she is on an assortment of 8 tablets twice a day and add the stress of school issues i think she close to breaking point. i just hope they have something helpful at offer cos i dont know where to turn next.
  14. My daughter has a camhs appointment tomorrow as she is threatening to harm [kill] herself when she is in a rage, she was dx as autistic in late 2010 but since then there has been no input from them it was a case of diagnose then get on with it. what kind of help are we likely to receive ? the man i spoke to initially was less than helpful told me to hide the knives and paracetamol !!! gee hadnt thought of that !
  15. we have a slightly different situation my daughter is 15 and at special school she wants to leave next year and go to a residential college an hour away. we go to see it in November and if she likes it i will start the process but i have to day im absolutely dreading her going.
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