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  1. Happy birthday...eat, drink and be merry........typical day then...
  2. Bagpuss

    Aye Up

    Thankyou all so much for the lovely welcome. I'm afraid the changes in my life have not been good, and I can't really go into much detail on the forum, but will explain via PM. However, I have lost 4.5 stone...although I wouldn't recommend my method! Dunno why I was missed, posted complete drivel and nonsense most of the time.
  3. Bagpuss

    Aye Up

    Hi All, Just wanted to say Hi, having a moochy round, catching up. My personal circumstances have changed beyond recognition since I was last a member, and anyone who stayed in touch with me will know the full extent of the changes within my life. Don't know how often I'll visit, or how often I'll post, but hello from Oop North. Tat ta
  4. Bagpuss

    I'm leaving

    Dear All, I've decided it's time for me to go. I'm not going to waffle, and make up some dire excuse, and anyone reading the over eating thread will understand alittle of why I've come to this decision. I'm going to be honest, and say I've felt of late that some of the threads on the forum have been very judgemental of others. There are two in particular recently, which I found very uncomfortable to read and had wondered then on both occasions if I should leave the forum as I felt it wasn't the supportive place I'd once found it to be. I feel the same way about the over eating thread and decided this time I would speak up. Somehow I've managed to cause distress and I'm unsure why, and it makes me feel very uneasy. I did consider just taking a little break, but I've reached a point now where I feel as if no one can have a difference of opinion anymore without it becoming personal and sarcastic and everyone getting upset, and it's like "here we go again". Quite simply, I just don't understand it or want to be part of it anymore. Could someone take over the Northern Meet Up organisation? Take care all x <'>
  5. I agree with Sallya. I'd contact the OT. We did a sensory profile for our youngest DD, and we didn't get a score from what I remember. Like Sallya we received a report which showed our DD had significant difficulties in all areas consistent with a child dx with MD and ASD. It wasn't very helpful I'm afraid and we didn't even receive very much advice afterwards.
  6. I didn't say you meant my child. I was responding with my opinion and experiences, as you were with yours. Because I disagree with your opinion does not mean I do not respect it. I also did not make any reference to being insulted.
  7. Now that does make me feel uncomfortable Pearl. I would hope that if one of my children became obese I would seek medical help. I was a very overweight child from the age of about 11 upwards. Nothing was ever mentioned about my weight and I was never given any guidance. I kind of feel that my weight issues now stem from way back then, and had my parents addressed the issue of my weight from the start, maybe I wouldn't of gone on to a lifetime of problems with it. I wasn't raised on junk food though. Every meal was home cooked, but we had huge portions. Plates were cleared, and even now I have to watch my mum because she is so intent on over feeding us all. She definately uses sweets as rewards too, especially with our youngest DD, to help ward off challenging behaviour. One night when she was babysitting, she fed our youngest DD an entire selection box. I was absolutely furious. She doesn't see the harm in it.
  8. No, you've not upset me Bid <'> I don't agree that Darky and I are saying the same thing though. I disagree that there is always a solution, and it's just a matter of finding it. I think for some children on the spectrum the sensory issues surrounding food are huge and complex, as with other sensory issues. I don't understand either about the "phobia" example Darky? Are you saying that sensory sensitivities are phobia's? Do the adults on the forum who have huge difficulty with noise, touch, smell just have phobia's which can also be overcome with effort and hard work? I'm confused. We have worked in conjuction with our youngest DD's school to help address the sensory sensitivities she has regarding food for many years now. The school have worked tirelessly in so many ways to try and encourage our DD to try new foods even attempting to encourage her to lick something new. We've tried all of what you have spoken of Darky. None have worked, and that was the point I was trying to make. Sometimes the hard work and effort does not pay off. Food is not used in our house as a reward. Sweeties are limited to one on a Saturday and one on a Sunday. Biscuits are limited to one/two in an evening with a glass of milk for supper. If the children want a snack they have a piece of fruit. Due to our youngest DD's dx of MD her weight is carefully monitored by the professionals who care for her. I think I have a sensible approach to food but I just do not like this assumption that because my youngest DD eats chicken nuggets and waffles each evening I am somehow irresponsible, and if I just worked a tad harder I'd find that magic solution.
  9. Mumble <'> I'm glad that your safe and sound, albeit abit shook up and bruised. It must of been very distressing for you. I can only wonder if the Police thought you were a real suicide risk and when you made a bid to run away, and they asumed you were trying to jump, or were going to jump once you were free of them. You must of been very distressed for a member of the public to call the Police. <'> How many of us were filled with horror when we read about the mother with the autistic child who jumped off a bridge......and how many of have wished a member of the public had called the police and they had prevented them, even in a heavy handed manner. Maybe you could consider a complaint if you felt the force used for excessive. Would the incident have been caught on CCTV to help with that complaint?
  10. I don't tend to get involved in heavy debates on the forum, but I've been thinking about what Darky said re starving children and food issues and I just can't get my head around it Are you saying Darky that if you starved a child on the spectrum for long enough they would eat anything put before them? I don't want to appear to be confrontational, but I just don't understand the logic I'm afraid Surely you could turn the example you used of starving children right on it's head and ask how many starving mothers in a third world country have bulimia or anorexia? We all know parenting is hard work, especially so on this forum. We all try our best, and I know in our case, our DD's peadiatrician has told us that what is important is that our DD has food inside her. She doesn't recognise hunger, and yes, we've tried the "sit there and eat what the rest of us eat" approach, it failed, miserably, and she didn't eat, full stop. I could sit here and write a huge long response about all the different ideas and approaches we've tried. I don't believe she's being faddy, as you describe it. Infact when I did make the mistake of believing she was just being a stubborn little so and so, I think I did her more harm than good, and on one occasion, I ended up force feeding her till she retched, of which now, I am thoroughly ashamed. She exhibits real, actual distress about many textures and flavours of food. We encourage healthier options, but that's as far as it goes. She's happy, healthy and within a normal weight range for her age..... and that's what is important to us.
  11. We did the EB Plus and would recommend it. I disliked the fact that you have to be so involved and speak up alot, but it was nice to meet up with other local parents, listen to their ideas and we discovered two fantastic local support groups as a result. We also learnt alot and I liked the fact that a member of staff from your child's class was also present, so you can work together, and discuss what is working at school and home and what clearly isn't. Shame the TA in our DD's class was moved to another SN class shortly after we completed the course
  12. We are over run with them after finding our first one ever on DS's foot after the Greenwich meet last year. Ironically a few years ago youngest DD asked for a verucca for her birthday. DS has four now and has an appointment with the GP tomorrow (wart clinic) to have them frozen off. Eldest DD has one, and youngest DD has two. We've virtually cleared out the chemist with gels, creams, lotions, potions, DIY freezing................all to no avail, infact they are spreading. We've been really careful about not sharing towels etc, but still, there seems to be no stopping them. I've heard about the above suggestions, banana skin, duct tape, leave it alone until the body builds up it's own immunity. We use that well known karate kid brand, after every bath, and after filing down, for both DD's now, and we are hoping that eventually they will build up a resistance. With DS we were so concerned about how rapidly they were spreading we felt it was appropriate to take him back to GP.
  13. Ogsplosh, sounds like a sensory problem to me aswell. I don't see how they can say it is an excuse if they have no idea what she is feeling and experiencing in her head. I should imagine too that lunchtime would be a complete and utter nightmare for your DD is she has sensory sensitivities. I know my DD can be overwhelmed by it. I've had to make a complaint previously about a member of staff treatment of her during the lunchtime period, which was totally inappropriate. Gothschild, I'd be reporting what you are witnessing. That is disgraceful.
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