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  1. yes my 9 year old ha sdicovered s4c he loves it and also watches his films in japanese, he likes listening to different languages?
  2. thats really interesting because i find this aswell, i am on the spectrum a bit though.. its like nt children should all be on super nanny if you know what i mean
  3. it does take ages, with me they sent a letter to school, school filled it in and basically said my son was fine and able. it got refused on the grounds that my son doesnt need night time help and is not incontinant, i phoned them back because these actually were the reasons why i had applied for it, incontinance night time wakings for toilet sleep walking and the school had no idea about our night times, an appeal went onand this started feb i am still waiting to here the results,
  4. lotty


    if he is at school, ask to see the school doctor/nurse. where we are that gets the ball rolling but can take a very very long time.
  5. lotty


    I am 31 mother of 3 boys, i am dyspraxic. i cant feel my fingers properly and i am a nightmare in the kitchen. yesterday i was in a clothes shop, i was looking at dresses and suddunley for no reason the coat hanger and dress was tangled in my pony tail, and before i knew it the second coathanger and top had now also become entangled in my hair. those sorts of things happen so many times a day-once i ended up in A&E because i had been cooking and the kitchen knife got stuck in my head, i thought i was going to die. but it was ok..
  6. Oh thankyou, today i feel like moving far away then at least i would know that was a good enough reason not to have family help. it does make me feel better that its not just me <'>
  7. this is amzing, i have been in floods today, why are my family not helpful, they think they are but at the same time noone will actually ever help how i need help, they offer to baby sit but never will, in fact i find it desperatly upsetting at the moment how all the family dont get it, what the difficulties are and probably think i make it all up, then the only other peopl i see are the health professionals who tell me how autistic the kids are and how i should have support and respite and allsorts. and then there are no friends, today i feel i am stuck on this strange island completly isolated and all this life going on around me. and blah blah blah. sorry ive just had it today. i dont know where i go from here today. i feel very depressed. i only want a bit of a life in a place that i feel comfortable with just a couple of people around me who understand it all..
  8. lotty

    secondary school

    I will I just found out theres a meeting with them on monday, but its moved to a new place, any ideas as to where they hold it now?
  9. lotty

    secondary school

    I live in rural chester, and the local schools secondary that is are really no use to my as son. i have no idea where there is a good one. i need an art based one, i know they excist, and i am happy to move to chester /south manchester,warrington, or we are on the border of north shropshire cheshire and wrexham. does anyone know of any where between or around any of these ares. its driving me mad i dont know where to start looking or what i am looking for?
  10. so awful really sorry about your dad , thankyou all for those i feel much better now and will respond to her as i would an aspie and not bombard her with my stresses as she interprets them as her own pain and not mine, so i will have to burden you lot instead as there is no one else. lots of thanks x
  11. yes, 18 months ago, i was told that my childrens symptoms were abuse, extreme manipulation and so on, neglect etc. 18 months on cahms appointment finally came through and low and behold they do have real difficulties to, its awful you have to be so careful
  12. i have found it almost impossible to find true aspie diagnosis as an adult. I know i am and certain mum is and grandad, two of my three boys are and my partner and also 2 brothers out of 4. and a cousin. I was told at uni by the educational psych that i have a semantic pragmatic disorder, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and social phobia, but he wouldnt call it aspergers just under an umbrella. anyway, i have found that they are only happy to dignose it if you are a child. in my experience that is, i have also only recently realised that where theres one aspie, theres more there in a family
  13. I am just wondering if anyone has experienced this, i feel one of my parents is on the spectrum and i am finding there lack of empathy and understanding of my own feelings and problems really hard to deal with. if i have a very awful problem and go to talk to them about it as i need some comfort-emotional support etc,sometimes i might get a laugh off them, which always shocks me when this happens, or a yawn sometimes. or sometimes they will listen but drift off in the middle, i go home usually feeling worse. i dont have any local friends to see or talk to really and they are my only support. but sometimes i feel as though they should support me, when i say support i only mean a cup of tea and a 'dont worry'maybe thats to much to expect of my parents. I know really I should give up expecting a response off them if i know it isnt possible because of aspergers, but then i feel empty that i am never going to get that and that feels sad..
  14. lotty

    is he?

    I will go to gp i think, he does shout me but when hes next to me he will go off as though he cant find me. thankyou everyone
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