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  1. sky

    quiet rooms

    Hi,i haven't been on here for a while but i am confused and would like some thoughts..... I have a severely autistic boy of nearly 15-non verbal apart from sonme echolalia.He goes to a special school .He has a "green " room which is used for transitions -in between different tasks-which he can get out of(so i'm told-there are 2 flat d-ring locks inside the door),is padded and has sensory toys inside.There is also a "quiet" room leading off the classroom which is bare(not padded)which is used if it is felt my son is a threat to others and if he lashes out. He has become more aggressive recently and less happy to go to school,also more withdrawn.I have written in his book that i feel so9 much use of the "quiet"room could be adding to his aggression as he is lashing out as he can't communicate his feelings-then put in his "room",comimg out to lash out again,and so on. I would appreciate any thoughts /guidance on this. Thanks so much.
  2. hi -didnt catch programme but will try to now as i can agree with what you have said about meds-as i feel as i was put in the position of having to try meds for my boy as school couldnt cope with him(opposite of mum you quoted from programme). he is off them again ,now,as developed severe dystonic jerks-and i can honestly say ,iam relieved ,as he is no different at all at home with no meds- it is his anxiety at school that poses the "need" for them.he is also fine at his respite day centre,where he will even attempt going in a canoe and rock climbing!of course,medsmight be the answer and help in some situations when all else has been tried -but ,with my son ,i dont feel its the way forward .
  3. sky


    hi kkaren-dont think i did get last reply-hopefully arapiprazole will be a success for your matt .medications are a worry tho due to the side effects-i think my joe must be susceptible as this is the second med that has caused jerks- even on a small dose.still on 0.25ml at the moment and jerks have stopped-remains to be seen whether anxiety will be alleviated on the smaller dose .J
  4. hi denise- have been reading all your posts with interest- such an uplifting story! my son is 13 and is suffering extreme anxiety at school . camhs are involved and have worked with the school ,who, in their defence have done loads to try to address the problem. They have allocated a male one to one ,provided him with a chill out room ,and built lots of physical activity into his timetable. As there was still anxiety he has been prescribed risperdal,1ml, which worked a dream for a month, then he developed severe muscle jerks, The psych.reduced to 0.25 ml-the jeks have mostly gone now[happily]butthe anxiety and subsequent aggression at school has returned.He isnt aggressive at home,where his anxiety is obviously reduced.I might also mention that he is now doubly incontinent,when he had been continent since age 5!i work part time ,but keep toying with the idea of giving up work and going the same rote as yourself- but it is so scary.I too,am fed up with every moring facing the prospect of another days full of bad tales about my son. I forgot to say that this was the 2nd med that has been tried,both with same side effect.any thoughts and advice would be SO appreciated -thanks
  5. hi- yes , my son has just been given it again and i was told the same thing. think maybe a break from it increases its efficiency?
  6. sky


    hi karen-not really- as joes anxiety is worse at school and theysaw no difference.joe also gets aggressive due to his anxiety-as i said,at school, and in outdoor situations where there are lots of people,noise,etc.took him to emergency doctor at camhs when his jerks got really bad -hence reduction in risperdal . doc said he needs lots of physical activity -which i can agree with -but parks etc are no good as there are obviously other children(vulnerableones too)which stresses him out.did you find the anxiety got worse with onset of puberty?
  7. sky


    hi karen- my 13 yr old had this prescribed-1ml daily -but had to comeoff it due to muscle jerks . he is now on risperdal, but has just had this reduced from 1ml to 0.25ml daily for the same reason . he ,too, is extremely anxious, but the muscle jerks have made him even more so! i too would like some thoughts on medication from any others here who have been in similar situation
  8. sky

    muscle jerks

    hi has anyone else on here had experience with involuntary muscle spasms-like electric shocks? joe ,13, is on 1ml risperdal daily . he started to have "twitches" before the meds were started- he has been on them a month and everything was great until a few days ago when they have definately worsened.when he gets them he gets angry and can lash out. so worried- any thoughts please?
  9. sky


    hi again - have appt to see camhs doctor next week about meds. my son desperately needs help with his anxiety and as i said before- abilify wasnt a success. he is underweight so perhaps weight gain wont be so much of a problem - it is so worrying . are there any other alternatives ,does anyone know??
  10. sky


    hi- my 13 yr old son was on this for a short while but had to be taken off it as he developed muscle jerks(dont want to scare you ,as everyones different)- however when we stopped it we noticed how much brighter he was again. he too has asd ,depression and high anxiety- doctor bis now going to try risperidone!!!
  11. sky


    hi-i agree with tally and lyndon- my boy is on the slow release melatonin 2mg-i have to crush them . i was told that tho not ideal- it only prevents the slow release from working but wont do any harm. seems to work ok for him anyway .
  12. thanks again for reply. i have to admit i am a bit naive about the schools obligations as,up to now, have put my trust in them.Just dug out j statement ,and section 4 quotes "a special school for pupils wiyh severe learning difficulties" in section 3 , it highlights the need for TEACHH.The class he was in formerly WAS a TEACHH class and the teacher really knew her stuff. the class he is in now obviously caters for the rest as a whole -tho have set up a separate desk for him which he seems not to use a lot as he uses his "quiet room" a LOT during the day .i feel helpless, as obviously cant see whats going on in the day to raise his anxiety. the quiet room is another issue.....he has started to tear his clothes on a daily basis - again something not encountered at home. also ,stripped off once and was tearing his pad . this is all very worrying
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