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  1. Any support would be appreciated as I have never done anything like this before. I have been incontact with assistance dogs international and asked how I become listed on their website. It is also worth noting that I have spoken to some of the organisations listed on the ADI website and during conversations with them it is plain to see that they know little of autism even though they say they will provide dogs to people with spectrum conidtions and seem to think that when you reach 18 you suddenly stop having autism. Sidious
  2. Any donation would help LyndaLou. I would ideally like enough money in the account so that when someone requests a dog I don't have to say no to them due to lack to funds. I know I can't have puppies sitting in a filing cabinet, but to have the money availalbe to go looking for one for someone would make me feel so happy. I am currently trying to set up a bank account for the charity but it is more difficult if you are not a registered charity and to become a registered charity you need an income of 5K or more per annum. So far we have a £10.00 donation and two people are doing a sponsored walk for us. I must say I am impressed by people generosity as I don't personally know either of the people. Please pass the word around regarding this project. The more people that know it is there the better Take care Sidious
  3. Thank you both for the comments. Donations will be just for providing the dog If the person does not have a suitable on. A good dog can cost quite a bit. Mine was £450 and that was cheap for a decent one. Other costs will be for the harness. I have bought one for my dog and that was £125 The dog jacket and printing £14.00 Initial vets fees -£45 for all initial innoculations Public liability insurance - Not sure yet how much it would cost for me to add another dog to the policy, but it has cost £65.00 to have a policy for my dog. We would have other costs like petrol to travel to see our prospective clients and admin costs like the website hosting. So far I have funded everything out of my own pocket. My pockets are deep but unfortunatly not bottomless. If any of you would like to help raising funds, please let me know. I took my dog around the shops last weekend and loads of people were stopping me and commenting on how beautiful the dog was and what sort of assistance he provides. Some people didn't believe that I had a spectrum disorder and my answer was that this is exactly why I am trying to address what can be called and invisible disability. I really hope I can help others and do something worth while with my life before I shuffle off this mortal coil
  4. Hi All Following on from my previous post http://www.asd-forum.org.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/29569-age-discrimination/ I was still unable to find anyone who would help me with either training my puppy or offering me a new dog as an assistance dog. I decided to do something about it and I have started my own charity which will address the issue to adults with no physical disability being discriminated against. I have a number of business on board that will allow the dogs in my charity access to their premises. Our first dog jacket is at the printers having our logo printed upon it. Don't know if publishing links is allowed on the forum, but you can visit our website at www.paad.org.uk It is a very simple site as I am not a very good designer but at least I had a go. I hope that my charity will benefit others SidiousUK
  5. Thanks Trekster. Biggest problem I have is that I am not considered "a child" as I am well over 18 and I also suffer from no physical disabilities. I did speak to one organisation and they said it would have to be one of their dogs and I could not use my own. I already have 2 dogs, one very old and my puppy so another pup would be out of the question.
  6. Hi All, Been a while since I posted and the following may explain why. I recently bought myself a new puppy as the other dog is getting on a bit and is not going to last much longer. I have had dogs in my life since I was a baby (both pets and working dogs such as police dogs) and the pup and I are really enjoying our walks and weekend "dog club" It has suddenly struck me that the only time I am happy leaving the house is with the dog so I thought I would go and look for a way in which he can be registered as an assistance dog. Well - the age old problem (pardon the pun) No one seems to offer the assistance program for adults with autism. There are schemes for children with autism and you have to have one of their dogs and not your own. It occurs to me that no one with austism seems to be expected to live past 18 as a lot of services are not availalbe to adults. Blatant discrimination!! Any way semi-rant over. I was hoping that someone on the forums may be able to point me int he right direction in getting my pup registered as an assistance dog so I can go out more and to a variey of different places/shops Thanks in advance Sidious
  7. I am a firm beliver that the only person that helps you is yourself! And I am not going to start ranting about which age groups receives help and those that don't as I can't be bothered to expend the brain power
  8. Hi Trekster It was more of a case of I was not giving the answer they wanted to hear so they thought if they asked the same question enough times I would somehow give a different answer. There was only one possible answer to the question. The individual concerned has a habit of doing this
  9. We all have relapses occassionally. I had one very recently due to one idiot who just can't seem to listen to English. I even had to ask someone if there was something wrong with my speech as they were just asking the same question over and over again and I was giving the same answer - Which really annoyed me after the 10 time in a row! I'm not sure if you would class it as self harm, but I really, really felt like putting my fist through the wall!!!
  10. I sometimes enjoy being with my friend and then go ages without contacting her.. My reason is that it seems to take me a long while to mentally recover from any interaction with people - Even her and I have know her for over 15 years. Perhaps your friend is the same. My friend has accepted that I have AS (diagnosed this year) and she just thought I was a little "weird"
  11. I have sometimes thought great length about this subject and wondered why this happens. I can only comment on my case and it seems to be the following:- My life is all about finding solutions to problems. "Human problems" are something that I cannot seem to compute and the first "answer" that pops into my head is to do away with myself - Problem solved. But of the flip side, I am extremely stubborn, treat life as a game and I play games to win! As you can see, I am still here getting on with things but do my upmost to avoid "human problems/situations" @LancsLad @Sa @Raydon As always, thank you for your contributions and for being honest about your lives so far. To get others views on a topic is always helpful before taking any decision
  12. They have done the right thing - shame it took them so long and kept the poor guy and his family hanging in limbo. I think that thanks to Gary, Aspergers is now more hi profile than it was before and he has helped others recognise their AS for what it is and sought a diagnosis
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