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  1. ######, just dropped something behind the fridge. #nevergoingtogetthatback

    1. Mike_GX101


      Simples...just a quick unplug, slide out and grab...even better use a magnet on a rod!

  2. Hock is out, #wiganrlfc will miss him. Outstanding young talent; their time to shine. Win by 8 I predict.


    #ynwa : shameful lack of integrity by our establishment agencies overshadowed by the dignity of the #hillsborough families.


    #Accessibility Applications (Apps) for #education and learning purposes. http://t.co/VGJ5CRxO


  5. Hello all, I am putting together an comprehensive, add free, website on all matters SEN. I have worked in the field for around 8 years; teaching, support and staff development. I would be interested to read any feedback you may have on the following topics: Autism: Asperger's Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD) Any feedback gratefully received, Regards, Ben
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