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    Endless nerdery on astrophysics, space exploration, evolutionary psychology, philosophy, political science, economic theory, anthropology, technology, 3DPrinting should you get me going on a subject lol!

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  1. Thank you. What is a Mannify btw? :-)
  2. Athrylith


    Hi Aims, welcome. Very polite there In Exile, thanks for doing the intro honours:-)
  3. No regrets. Only lessons. But, probably a huge difference, as much as predicting alternative causal timelines is impossible. Thanks for your sharing people:-) Life has been almost impossible for so long that it just feels normal. I'm hoping that the diagnosis may change this a little. But to be fair, it seems that those difficulties (moving 18 times in 16 years, being homeless twice, 10 jobs in 12 years, partial bankrupcy with Debt Relief Order., no contact with mother after step-father threatened me with a knife on xmas day, being ran over... etc., etc., I'm only 32!) have made me wiser, sharper, stronger, more positive, more practical, more confident. I'm glad that the endless pain has happened, as I learnt how to grow in reaction to suffering. No that I see that 90% of what has happened is becauase of Apergeres and ADHD, the consiquential depression and social confusion, the other malady's in turn, it does all seem like an unnessary decades long catastrophic accident - but I wouldn't wish to go back and change it. That being said, I've yet to experience prosperity, and when I do, I may think differently lol!
  4. Thanks Mannify, yours it's cute, like it:-) Mine, it's the symbol of a socio-political model my autisticly systematising mind came up with lol, orientated around 3DPrinting, biodegradable plastics such as Polylactic Acid, Direct Digital Democrcy, eco-sustainable energy sources, etc., 'Synergism.' The blurb aside, it feel nice. Like a hyperactive recycling sign? ...!!!
  5. Trekster, karmadestiny, Mannify, thank you for your warm welcome. Good to be here. I'm not really sure where to start so will perhaps answer the calls of those asking for help - whilst I've suspected for a number of years that I had some form of high functioning autism I guess this is still quite new. I'll be trying to curb my interesting into the genetic origins of autism and attempting to concentrate on the socio-emotive, coping with the stress of living in a world primarily designed for those without autism (intreguingly often BY those with autism, as per the systematising/mathematical thought of programmers). 'Sperg resisted. Lol!
  6. First off, big hugs and respect to you my friend. It's not only 'not easy,' it's downright nearly impossible sometimes - empathy with you RYOUNG, I've always felt this too. It was a nightmare at school, always felt utterly shy and awkward, lots of bullying. I've moved 18 times in 12 years, been through 10+ jobs, homeless twice, semi-bankrupt - almost all simply because of not handling people well. The politics, backstabbing, gossip, one-up-man-ship, the whole lot, is bizarre to me. I'm always inwardly thinking 'why don't they all just get on with each other and what they are working on?! Which brings me to the second part, the non-emotional, non-interpersonal part if we would define it as such: Recent theory in evolutionary biology/ genomics that the autistic spectrum is the product of a seperate species. Literally. Possibly Homo Neanderthalis. Worth a websearch perhaps. There's lots of quantitive research to suggest this, but it's a fairly new theory. It would make utter sense we Autistics are able to relate to each other so well, but not none-autistics - much deeper that not understanding each others position via empathy. We can seem selfish to non-autistics, appear to have different priorities and certainly different ways of thinking. That, quite possibly, is because it's literally true. 'They' have more genes from Homo Erectus, 'we' have a higher proportion of Homo Neanderthalis genes. Then, suddly, to myself at least, it all makes sense. And it's far LESS of a concern that I can only affiliate with their thinking by systematising it, rather than it fluidly seeming 'just what I would have thought.' If anything, I hope this casts an interesting alternative perspective on what you are experiencing. If it's sounds outside of what you wish to be thinking about, no worries, drop me a line regardless. My concern is your welbeing. Peace to you my friend:-)
  7. Athrylith

    I'm david3

    Hey there David, new here too, Aspie & ADHD. Approach with as little fear as you can, remember that everyone here can empathise with you and want's to share with you positively. I've worked with many people on the Autistic Spectrum so have the benefit of insight by experience, although I now realise just how much it was my own Autism that draw me to work in that field. Both sides of the fence, not just mum's and dad's here - hope you find yourself at home at feel free to contact me. :-D
  8. Hey all, a big 'hello' from Aspie/ADHD diagnosed last week, this is all very new to me but looking forward to sharing support and getting to know any and all x 'S,' Edinburgh
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