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  1. 18 now :) woop.

    1. Echo


      Congratulations!!! :)

  2. INimz1995

    My Story

    Hello. My names Naomi, im 17 going on 18 this april. i was diagnosed with aspergers when i was 12 been finding it really hard. been i got to college and study horse, finished now. anyway my dad told me about this site as i dont get out much and find it hard making friends. that's all bye.
  3. INimz1995


    Hey I can never talk someone first, they have to talk to me first because I'm really shy and Nervs thats why I never make friends easily.
  4. INimz1995

    Hey Der.

    Message me? :3
  5. Hello everyone :3 Ben: nope don't sound pervert at all, haha, Yeah sure, drop me a message aswell sonetime. Scafell: hey thanks. Snowdon: thanks xD cool.
  6. Hello there (: Thank you. Will do.
  7. Hello my names Naomi but they call me Nims I'm 17 nearly 18, I was told I had Aspergers when I was like 12 or something at the moment I found it really and still kind do, but I'm getting use to, anyway Im finding it really hard making friends I never go out, I just stay in, so yeah Leave me a reply or message, byes.
  8. Hello Gemma, My names Nims I had the same problem And I am kind of coping with it but find it hard I'm just looking for friends like me As I find hard making friends So leave me a note. Thanks.
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