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  1. After a little more than 14 months of waiting, my assessment starts today So far, I've heard that it consists of a cognitive assessment and a developmental history review. Is there anything else I need to know to better prepare myself for what's to come in my next sessions?
  2. Finally got a date for my assessment!!!

    1. daviddavid


      wow, fantastic, enjoy the day!

    2. Echo


      Thanx :) Already had two sessions over the past two weeks, got 6 sessions left. Feeling hopeful

  3. I don't know if anyone else does this too: Over analyze every situation every day - what someone says for example - Why are they saying that? What do they mean? Is there an alternative motive to why they are saying this? Are they being sarcastic or direct? Was that an analogy/metaphor?...Are they angry with me? What is the emotion they are trying to convey?... Over-explaining everything!!! E.g instead of just saying "yes" to the question: would you like something to eat? I tend to expand and say: I haven't had anything since breakfast and that was eight hours ago. I didn't have time for dinner because I was working on (insert essay here ) 5 mins later...now I'm hungry, yes. External internal dialogue? Explaining everything you do in a step by step way like you're teaching a class how to make a cup of tea? I tend to leg bounce every time I go near a computer - it helps me to relax
  4. Hi Alex and welcme to the forum. I'll have a closer look at your site tomorrow. Looks good at first glance
  5. Echo

    Hi New

    Hi Joanne, and welcome to the forum.
  6. Hi Starfish, Welcome to the forum. I guess you could call me a young woman waiting for an assessment. I live in the North West, but, not the same North West as you (I'm guessing you're in England whilst I'm in Wales). Either way, I don't mind talking to you via private messages
  7. Hi Sami, I don't know if I can provide you with an accurate response, but, I have come across some videos on YouTube which say that differences in early language development can contribute to a diagnosis of either HFA or Aspergers depending if you were non-verbal or highly articulate as a child. Can anyone else clarify this for us please? Thanks
  8. Oh yes, baggy, heavy and warm clothes are the best!!! I always buy them at least 2 sizes too big I'm not so keen on touching either (especially: taps on the shoulder or someone brushing past etc...), but, I've learned to cope and even like when my partner hugs me now (as long as it is like a bear hug and I know that I'm going to be touched beforehand).
  9. Brushing my teeth is torture too. I've always had a problem with this activity. Although, an electric toothbrush seems to make things a little better (it doesn't bother me half as much although, it does still bother me). I have a real problem with putting things into my mouth. Either I excessively chew on my nails... or I gag/vomit when, for example: I brush my teeth. 9 times out of 10 I have to brush my teeth 3-4 times each time I try because of the vomiting.
  10. I dress in clothes that make me feel comfortable. It doesn't matter if they're for men or if they match (tending to buy multiples of the same t-shirts/jeans etc in different colours because I know that they feel nice on my skin, thus, I have replacements when they start to wear out and have to be thrown away). I also tend to wear multiple layers because I like to be prepared no matter what the weather - I can't function when I'm cold. I like my clothes to feel heavy on my body, just like in bed (2-3 duvets), because this keeps me calm. When I was at school, the other students were nasty to me because of this (and my other eccentricities - more to do with the fact that I excelled in my studies...I'll post more about this soon). It also caused a lot of problems for me at home too - my dad thought (and still thinks) it's funny and accepts me for who I am (I even get "hand me downs" from him when he's bought clothes that don't quite fit or he doesn't want to wear them anymore). My mother on the other hand, will try and force me to buy dresses and heels etc... because she gave birth to a little girl and now that I am a woman I should dress like one. This is: tenacious/persistent, she will not take no for an answer. Ever pushy, no matter what I say, it's still my fault, that she feels embarrassed if I have a meltdown when she wraps me in something which resembles a doily.
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